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Budget is regressive and anti-development: Cong


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 15 Mar: Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress President Karan Mahra has described the budget presented by the Uttarakhand Government for the year 2023-24 as directionless, regressive, anti-development which would boost inflation and unemployment.

Mahra claimed that the budget presented by the state government in the house would hurt economic growth of the state.

Mahra claimed that there is nothing new in the budget – the Finance Minister has adopted the old wine in a new bottle formula in the budget. There is nothing new in the budget. No provisions have been made in this budget to stop inflation, unemployment and migration.

The Congress leader declared that the state government has presented a disappointing budget for the financial year 2023-24 in all areas. Nothing has been done for rural areas. The size of the budget has been increased but the sources of income have not been mentioned. Departments that could have benefitted the villages, the poor, dalits and weaker sections, such as the agriculture department, social welfare department, SCP, STP, health, education, road, electricity lacked enough fund allocation. No provision has been made in the budget to prevent migration from the hills, while tourism, women’s safety, and future of the youth have been grossly neglected.

A budget amounting to Rs 77,407 crores has been presented but the fact is that just Rs 24,744 are from its own resources.

The State Congress President said that Gairsain reflects the spirit of the Uttarakhand statehood movement. But the present BJP government has not considered it appropriate to make provision for the development of basic facilities in Gairsain, let alone mention it in the budget speech.

He claimed that it has been proved by the budget that the BJP government has not been able to implement any worthwhile scheme. The promises of the BJP state government like zero tolerance have proved to be election gimmicks like the other promises.

State Congress Vice President, Organisation and Administration, Mathura Dutt Joshi has also criticised the budget, terming it disappointing. He said that a conspiracy has been hatched by the Finance Minister to push the people of the state under a greater burden of debt by presenting a deficit budget and making a lot of empty announcements.