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Cong comparing illegal mazaars with temples: Bhatt


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 12 Apr: The BJP has termed the comments made by former CM Harish Rawat and other Congress leaders on the demolition of illegal mazaars as appeasement and anti-Sanatan.  State President of the party Mahendra Bhatt, today, claimed that the Congress leaders have lost their direction by projecting themselves as ultra secular and doing politics of opposition. He said that those claiming Uttarakhandiyat should also take inspiration from their party’s MLA, Madan Bisht.

Bhatt has strongly objected to the deliberate remarks made by former CM Harish Rawat and other Congress leaders against illegal religious encroachments. He said that, in the course of appeasement and his well-known love for a particular community, Rawat has insulted Devbhoomi and its eternal tradition by comparing illegal mazaars’ encroachment with temples.

Challenging all the Congress leaders, Bhatt said that if they want to save the illegal mazaars, they should come forward openly, but not try to equate the ancient temples with the structures built through illegal occupation. He added that, for those who once claimed in the Supreme Court that Ram was an imaginary figure and whose leaders supported those who insult Hindu deities, those who wanted separate educational institutions for a particular religion, who had declared leave for  Friday prayers, the spiritual importance of Devbhoomi did not have any significance.

Bhatt said it is well known that these mazaars allegedly built in the memory of dead sages did not even have any human remains, which means that they have been built under a conspiracy through illegal encroachment of land. But, in the race to please their high command, Congress leaders are openly supporting such illegal construction of mazaars.

Bhatt said that Harish Rawat takes delight in promoting local fruits like Kafal, Kilmoda and Hisalu’s thorns, he also flashes his video of playing Damru at Baba Kedar on social media, but is not sensitive towards the sentiments of the majority of the people of Uttarakhand. It seems that Congress leaders do not believe in the presence of gods in every particle of the land and temples in the stones, because they are equating fake mazaars with temples.

Bhatt asserted that no matter how much the opposition parties, including the Congress, try, the Dhami government will completely demolish these encroachments which are a challenge to culture and law and order. He said that the love of Congress towards illegal religious places is being seen by the great people of the state and it will have to bear the brunt of their wrath.