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Cong levelling baseless charges against Dhami Govt: Suresh Joshi


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 5 Sep: BJP today termed allegations being made by the Congress against the Dhami Government as baseless and untrue. Addressing a press conference at the State BJP Headquarters, today, BJP state spokesman Suresh Joshi claimed that the Congress was levelling baseless charges against the BJP Government in the state, totally ignoring the fact that the corruption of the Congress had begun within the first year of its coming to power after independence with the scam involving purchase of jeeps for the army and its list of corruption had been growing every year. Joshi listed a number of cases allegedly related to corruption by successive Congress Governments and claimed, “After the creation of Uttarakhand as a separate state, dozens of big scams took place under Congress rule, but its government never took any action to expose them. Whatever little action has ever been taken by any Congress Government in the state has been under pressure from the BJP. The same faces who had themselves been involved in corruption during the Congress rule are now seen giving long speeches on morality outside the assembly building.”

Suresh Joshi claimed that the BJP government under the leadership of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami is taking very strict and transparent action on the recruitment and other scams related to UKSSSC and other departments. Not only this, by taking action against the accused under the Gangsters’ Act their property is also being attached. Joshi claimed that the people are satisfied with the action of the BJP government and are optimistic about the outcome of the investigation. Also, they are confident that the BJP government is functioning in a transparent manner. The BJP leader claimed that the Congress has not been able to digest the happiness of the people of the state and the popularity of the Dhami government.

Joshi claimed that the main accused in the jeep purchase scandal of 1948 was actually rewarded by then PM Nehru by making him the Defence Minister. The infamous Nagrawala scandal had happened during the Indira Gandhi government, and Rajiv Gandhi had been accused in Bofors Gun scam. The Narasimha Rao Government had been involved in the telecom scam, while the Manmohan Government was flooded with scams.

Joshi said that, even after the creation of Uttarakhand as a separate state, many scams had been committed during the Congress rule including the Patwari scam, the Inspector recruitment scam, scholarship scam related to SC/ST students and the BDO recruitment scam. He added that the Congress governments never took any concrete action in any of these cases, even after huge protests. Joshi claimed that the BJP Government is fully committed to delivering justice in the recruitment scams and no accused person, no matter how influential or powerful, would be spared. All the scamsters would go to jail.

State media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan, senior BJP leaders Dr Devendra Bhasin, Sunil Saini, Sanjeev Verma, Rajiv Talwar and many party office bearers were present at the press conference.