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Constitutional duties should be propagated among all: Gov


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 26 Nov: Governor Lt Gen Gurmit Singh said today that every citizen must read, understand and follow the fundamental duties mentioned in Article 51A of the Constitution. Youth should propagate these duties through social media and mass media. The balance between rights and duties is extremely important. Youth studying law should give top priority to the nation, society and public interest in their legal practice. In case of any doubt, the Constitution of India is the best guide.
Governor Singh also released a replica of the Indian Constitution at Siddhartha Law College on the occasion of Constitution Day today. He said that, in the Constitution of India, the Ekam Mantra of Guru Nanak Dev is the thread of unity, and the basic mantra of Guru Gobind Singh’s ‘Deh Shiva var mohe, Shubh Karman Te Kahoon Na Taro’ is also enshrined. He said that every word, every comma, every full stop, every page of the Constitution gives knowledge about the depth of Indian civilisation, culture and history. India lies in the Preamble of the Constitution. The introduction transforms Indians into We from the feeling of I. Behind the making of the Indian Constitution was the tireless hard work and dedication of great people. The Constitution has united all and freed people from all inequalities of religion, caste, language and region. Awareness about the Constitution should be increased among the people through mass media and social media.
The Governor reminded that today was an occasion to keep alive the resolution to show true faith, loyalty and commitment to the Constitution of India.

Present on the occasion were Amit Sirohi, Legal Adviser to the Governor, Justice KD Shahi (Retd), Director of Siddhartha Law College, Durga Verma, President of Siddhartha Group of Institutes, teachers and students.