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Deepak Nagalia stresses on conservation of Himalayas


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 6 Jan: Patron of Himalayan Echoes and currently President of the Doon Club, Deepak Nagalia has stressed on concrete measures for conservation of the Himalayas. Addressing a meeting of Himalayan Echoes, Nagalia stated that the state is facing major environment challenges and, to deal with them, it is necessary to conserve the Himalayas.

He said that the Himalayas are a national and global heritage. In addition to being a natural habitat of wide variety of flora and fauna, they are also home to the origins of the major rivers like Ganga and Yamuna. It is a matter of great concern that the Himalayan glaciers are receding at a rapid pace and this could be an indication of a major disaster in making.

He stressed that the organisation, ‘Himalayan Echoes’ is seriously working not only to raise concerns over issues related to the Himalayas but would also work towards their resolution.

President of Himalayan Echoes, Vedika Ved said that the Himalayas are the source of livelihood of millions of residents of the state besides having been a centre of faith and tourism for ages. It is necessary to take concrete measures for conservation of the Himalayas. The government ought to study the environmental impact of large projects in the hills including the hydropower projects and take appropriate decisions in light of these studies.

Heera Singh Negi stressed on an in-depth study on the geographical and social structure of Uttarakhand. Sher Singh Rana stressed on conservation of traditional methods of agriculture as well as on large scale plantation to conserve nature.

Secretary of the Himalayan Echoes, Haritika briefed the gathering on the objectives and activities of the organisation. Theatre activist Satish Dhaulakhandi stressed on greater awareness of the issue through various modes of communication.

Tara Singh stressed on focussing on basic issues related to Uttarakhand while Ankur Kathait stressed on using the youth to create greater awareness on the issue. Shalini Rawat, Sonali Semwal, Akashdeep, Vijendra Kumar, Bharati Rawat, Sandeep Negi and Deepak Kumar were among those who also expressed their opinions.