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ESM donate blood to save life of cancer patient



DEHRADUN, 1 May: Blood is not available at the blood bank due to the COVID-19 crisis in the present. Pushpa Gurung, wife of Veer Jung Gurung, resident of Miyawala, is suffering from acute cancer and is admitted to the Himalayan Hospital, Jolly Grant, with hemoglobin level of Hb 04.40 g/dL.
Considering her critical condition, the doctor asked for 4 units of blood immediately. Col BM Thapa (Retd), Senior Vice President, Dehradun Ex-Services League (DESL), was informed, who immediately informed Zonal President of DESL in Ranipokhari, Hav BP Sharma (Retd) on 30 April.
This morning, along with four other blood donors, he reached the Himalayan Hospital and donated blood to save the life of the cancer patient. The blood donors were advocate Hav Sunil Sharma and Maya Bhatt, wife of Hav Sagar Bhatt (Retd).
Sunil Sharma said, “I feel great pride in donating blood for this cause.” The same feeling was expressed by Maya Bhatt. The cancer patient’s sons are out of India – one in the USA and other in Kuwait, so these ESM came as a boon for the patient.