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Ganesh Joshi plus 9 will tour Europe to acquire knowledge about organic farming



DEHRADUN, 23 Jul: To make Uttarakhand a leading state in the field of organic agriculture and to acquire knowledge about organic farming, a 10-member delegation led by Uttarakhand’s Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Ganesh Joshi will visit few European countries such as Germany, Italy and visit Switzerland from 25 July to 03 August.

In this delegation, 06 MLAs and departmental officers of the state are also included.

This excursion team will study the latest techniques being adopted for the development of organic agriculture in European countries. Along with this, this team will also explore possibilities for export of coarse cereals like Maduva, Jhingoura, Chaulai, etc., originating in the state.

In the meantime, there will also be an agreement between the International Organization of Organic Agriculture in Germany, IFORM-Organix International and the Government of Uttarakhand, which will help in furthering the development of the organic farming movement in Uttarakhand.

It should be noted that in this program organized in Germany, along with Uttarakhand, the Agriculture Ministers of Karnataka and Sikkim and their delegation will also visit Germany.

Cabinet Minister and MLAs included in the delegation are: Ganesh Joshi, Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of Uttarakhand and MLAs Pradeep Batra, Manoj Tiwari, Harish Singh, Ram Singh Kaida, Renu Bisht and Suresh Singh Gadia.