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Garwali Folk Dance & Music staged at VoW



Dehradun, 13 Nov: On the second day of the Valley of Words Literature Festival, today, a dance performance took place on the Plenary Stage of Hotel Madhuban, here.

The Curator of the event was Anjali Rana. It was described as the “Dance of the Land”. The costumes included traditional jewellery such as pahadi nath and jhumka. Girls wore neon green long- flared-skirts with red blouses and yellow dupattas, while the boys wore white pants with white kurta and black vests.

Everyone was spellbound by the performance. The dancers displayed amazing synchronisation. The performance was so highly appreciated that the dancers were called to stage an encore. In the second round, even the people from the audience mustered in front of the stage and danced to the rhythmic beats of the music.