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Governor attends National Convention of Sankalp Foundation at Parmarth Niketan

By Our Staff Reporter 
RISHIKESH, 5 Aug: Governor Lt-General Gurmit Singh (Retd) participated as the Chief Guest at the National Convention of Sankalp Foundation at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh on Saturday. Many office bearers and workers of  Sankalp Foundation from all over the country were present at this national convention. Inaugurating the first session of the two-day National Conference, the Governor shared his experiences of almost two years in Uttarakhand and the specialty here. Recalling India’s glorious moments, historical moments and cultural gatherings, he mentioned the spirituality and naturalness of Uttarakhand, its tourism, pilgrimage and its divinity.
Lt-General Singh said that Uttarakhand, the land of penance and the land of gods, is a source of spiritual consciousness for the whole of India and the world. He said that Uttarakhand is capable of providing energy not only to India but to the whole world. This place has been the source of ultimate knowledge since time immemorial. Many great men, ascetics and social reformers have come here from time to time and contributed to making this holy land more alive.
Referring to the limitless possibilities of Yoga, Ayurveda, health and wellness, horticulture, hospitality, etc. in Uttarakhand, he invited the people of the country and the world to visit Dev Bhoomi. Governor Singh said that a separate identity of Uttarakhand has been established through the recently successfully concluded G-20 conferences. In this era of Amrit Kaal, there are many challenges before us, facing which we will have to achieve our old glory. He said that to achieve the goal of Vishwa Guru and Developed India, every person will have to make their full contribution.
In the national conference organized by the Sankalp Foundation, the Governor congratulated the office bearers of Sankalp Sansthan for the successful organization of the conference. He said that the institute has chosen Uttarakhand and Rishikesh for brainstorming for the formulation of its upcoming plans. Sankalp Sansthan is doing excellent work by giving proper guidance to civil servants and preparing them for nation-building. For more than 30 years, the institute has been preparing civil servants and more than eight thousand students have achieved success, which is commendable. On this occasion, Singh also presented citations and hygiene kits to the women sanitation workers who received training at Parmarth Niketan. He appreciated the works of all women.
Santosh Taneja, the founder of Sankalp Sansthan joined virtually on this occasion and presented a brief description of the activities and plans of the Sansthan. Swami Chidanand Saraswati, President of Parmarth Niketan welcomed and felicitated all the people present in Parmarth Niketan.
Sansthan’s General Secretary Anil Joshi, President Jankalyan Shiksha Samiti Dr G Prasanna Kumar, Dr RM Parashar along with various office bearers and workers of the Sansthan were present at the conference.