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Govt terminates services of “corrupt” Sales Tax Officer



DEHRADUN, 10 Oct: State tax officer, Anil Kumar, has been terminated from services on the allegations of taking bribe from a trader while on duty. Anil Kumar had allegedly demanded a bribe from traders coming from Haryana to Dehradun, at Asarodi Check Post in Dehradun. This is perhaps the first time that such a strict action has been taken on a complaint that had been registered on Chief Minister’s Portal.

The complaint was made on the Chief Minister’s Portal by Anil Matta, who was coming to Dehradun in his vehicle bearing registration number HR 39C 7088 on 15 February this year, and had been stopped by Anil Kumar who allegedly demanded a bribe from Matta for clearing his vehicle. On 16 February, a complaint was filed on Chief Minister’s Portal by Matta. In the departmental inquiry, the allegations against Anil Kumar were found to be true. A few months ago, Anil Kumar was suspended in the department and attached to the state office in Haldwani. Now the government has issued orders terminating Anil Kumar from service.

This is another major decision taken against corruption by Chief Minister Dhami.

The complaint for demanding and receiving the bribe led to the CMO ordering a departmental inquiry by Joint Commissioner Ajay Kumar. After the inquiry, a chargesheet was handed over to Anil Kumar and today the orders dismissing him from service have been issued. It remains to be seen if such an action in a few cases will really deter others from corruption.