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Graphic Era Organizes International Conference on Wind Engineering



DEHRADUN, Oct 30: A twoday International conference was organized at Graphic Era Deemed University, on the development of new technology, in the field of wind engineering in the world. Professors and experts from universities of America, Japan, China, Taiwan and Canada participated in the workshop. In the first session of this workshop, on the theme Advance Wind Engineering Testing and Technology, Prof. from Western University Canada. Geogery Kopp gave a lecture on the effect of wind pressure on the structure of multi-storey buildings, and he explained by studying wind speed and direction, wind engineers design the building and make round, square designs that make multi-storey buildings sustainable. Professor Asan Karim of the University Of North America gave his presentation on the Cyber Base Data Platform for the study of wind. He said that the data of experiments being done in wind engineering laboratories of the world can be used properly by assessing various scientific data of wind from a computer-based database platform. In the workshop organized by the Civil Department of the University, experts discussed the various factors related to tornadoes, cyclones and weather, as well as the effects of wind on the world’s environment. Ajay Gairola, Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering, Graphic Era Deemed University, said that with the financial help of China, a multi-fan wind tunnel lab has been set up in the university, in which data is being collected for wind speed, pressure related research. Prof Shuyang Cao, Prof Yaojun Ge, Dr Yukio Tamura, Prof Y C Kim, Dr Delong Zou, Prof Wu as well as Prof Ritwik Dobriyal of Graphic Era Deemed University also gave their presentation on wind engineering related topics in the workshop. The workshop was hosted by Professor Ajay Gairola and research student Siddharth Jena. In this workshop being held through virtual medium, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Head of Department of Civil Engineering, teachers and students joined through online medium.