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Gully Boy music supervisor, Ankur Tiwari hits an ace

 Doonite’s romance with words
By Anjali Nauriyal
Yet again a Doonite has hit headlines. Doon’s Ankur Tewari is basking in the surprise, super duper success, of the Gully Boy album. By now we all know that music was at the heart of this film’s success. Indeed its celebration time at the Tiwari household.
Adept in acoustic sound, Tewari was this film’s music supervisor. This apart he composed three songs for the film, and sung one of them,Jeene Mein Aaye Maza. Clearly exciting times are in store for this singer songwriter who abandoned a different career trajectory, to join the world of cinema.
Astounded by the success of this album, he now wishes to explore other areas of music and films, apart from exulting in the success of his dream project: “Frankly speaking we were so immersed in the film that we hardly thought about the success or failure of the final production. We were involved with the music for over two years. It was two years of hectic schedules, dead lines etc with a lot many rappers, beat makers, beat boxers etc. All worked with rare passion and verve. It was quite challenging conjoining the two diverse worlds of Hip Hop and Bollywood, but the process was truly enjoyable and the end result mind blowing,” he avers. “It was a process of unabashed creation. I sang one of the songs with a slower, softer feel, wherein I wanted to tell the story of difficult lives, with tenderness,” he underlines. Combining his talents as songwriter and singer, he essentially wishes to tell tales, and he is happy that the team in Gully Boy attained this quite dexterously.    
Earlier this year he released his debut electronica album, Little Whale, with Karsh Kale and Gaurav, which was well received.
 Elated by the success of his son’s success Prof Vinay Kumar Tewari, his father, expresses that this is a good example of a hobby becoming a career. “Ankur started with a hotel management course and became a script writer with films like Tum Mile and Crook.  With Tere Bin Laden he was a script consultant. So I am happy that he has followed his heart and found success.”
Next in his kitty is supervision of the music for an Amazon show, Made in Heaven. He is also working with Sooni Taraporevala on her next film.