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Harish Rawat says ‘sought blessings of Baba Kedar to become CM’


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 27 Oct: Former CM and veteran Congress leader Harish Rawat was yesterday in Kedarnath to offer prayers at the shrine of Baba Kedar. After he had darshan, he came out of the shrine portals and even danced with the Sadhus present there and with their Trishul for a while. He later tweeted that he had sought blessings from Baba Kedar for the welfare of all. However, the journalists would not let him go without telling what he had sought from Baba Kedar. In response to their queries, he today tweeted again, admitting that he had sought the blessings of Baba Kedar to become the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, once again. He added that he wanted to perform even better as CM than he did last time.
Rawat claimed that whatever he could do last time as CM of Uttarakhand between 2014 and 2017 was unprecedented in many ways. However, he still wanted to perform even better this time with the blessings of Lord Kedar. He reminded his friends in the media that he was fond of dancing and he was a political dancer. If he got another opportunity to dance, he would certainly dance once more. Every dance of his was dedicated to Baba Kedar, he claimed.
He further reminded that he had got the opportunity to serve the state and the party to the best of his capabilities as Block President of the Party, as Block President, PCC Chief, MLA and MP and as Union Minister as well as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. Even as the National General Secretary of Congress, his performance had been appreciated by the Party High Command. Now was the time for another test and he would like to pass the examination with top grades by becoming the CM and improving upon his performance as compared to the last time.
Rawat, however, made it clear that he was satisfied with all that he had been able to achieve and now he did not merely desire a post for the sake of occupying the chair but to do something outstanding and wanted one opportunity to be able to perform for the welfare of the people and to establish new records in the development of the state!
It is pertinent to point out here that, though, Rawat has been declared chief of the Congress Campaign Committee in Uttarakhand, he has so far not been formally declared the Chief Ministerial candidate, despite his insistence before the Party High Command. He has only recently relinquished charge as in-charge of party affairs in Punjab after the Party High Command ceded to his request in this regard so that he may focus on Uttarakhand Assembly elections. After he failed to be declared the CM candidate by the party, he had recently claimed he wanted to see a Dalit face as the CM in Uttarakhand, too, after Dalit leader Channi was made the CM of Punjab. Interestingly, soon after, Dalit leader Yashpal Arya and his MLA son Sanjeev Arya returned to the Congress. He also said that he would also prefer a Brahmin face as CM. However, now that he has been relieved as In-charge of the party affairs in Punjab, he has openly expressed his desire to become the CM again.