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Hindvi was language of the Stars: Farooq


Kavi Sammelan cum Mushaira held at VoW

By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 14 Nov: Leading industrialist, philanthropist and noted ‘shayar’ Dr S Farooq on Saturday chaired a Kavi Sammelan cum Mushaira session held at the Valley of Words Literature and Arts Festival organised at Hotel Madhuban, here.

The session was moderated by Vikas Chaubey. On the occasion, a book of Urdu poetry printed in both the Persian and Devanagari scripts, titled “Roohdaaryan” by Meenaxee Raj, a civil servant posted in Haryana was also launched.

While chairing the session, Dr Farooq reminded the audience that Hindi and Urdu were born at the same time and those who used to write in the Durbar those days were either well versed in Sanskrit or in Persian and Arabic. He also pointed out that, both, Urdu and Hindi did not have their own script. In the initial years, both these languages had a common name Hindvi. He also recited an Urdu couplet which meant that by the grace of someone, Hindvi landed up in Hind (India), otherwise it appeared to be the language of the stars!

Farooq also praised the book, Roohdaaryan, which was launched on the occasion and said that he agreed with the poetess that love is something born out of the soul, the Rooh. Therefore, the name of the book was also appropriate. He also recited another couplet that meant that while the human soul was of a mirror, the body was of sand while the temperament was like that of mercury, under the circumstances, how to live a perfect life? He added that the book offered a way to live a good life. Farooq further recited yet another couplet meaning that while everything changed with time, the pain of love had remained the same through every era and phase of life!

Dr Farooq further observed that India is the only country the currency notes of which carry inscriptions in 17 languages because the languages are respected here. He said the present times required everyone to live with love for each other.

The poets who recited their poems on this occasion included former Chief Secretary Indu Kumar Pandey, who recited a Hindustani poem and a poem in Hindi, Dr Buddhinath Mishra who sang two songs written by him, Ambar Kharbanda, Someshwar Pandey, Ranjeeta Singh, Bharti Sharma and Anjum Sharma, besides Meenaxi Raj, herself, who recited two poems, one from the book being released and the other from another collection. In fact, on demand of those present on the stage and the audience, Dr S Farooq was asked to come to the microphone once again to recite a few more Urdu couplets to wind up the programme.