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Home Guards save life of injured man in Rishikesh


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 24 Jan: Home Guards today saved the life of an injured person who was found bleeding on the road. Home Guard Prakash Arya was posted on duty at the Tiraha, Munikireti, Rishikesh, when an unknown motorcyclist coming from Brahmanand Turn in Muni Ki Reti told him that 100 metres before, a person was lying in a drain in an injured state and bleeding. Arya took immediate cognisance of the information and reached the spot where he found an injured person bleeding. He called up another Home Guard, Vikas Arya, who was posted at Brahmanand Turn, to help lift the injured person. An ambulance was called by them but it was far away in Ranipokhri at that time. As a result, both the Home Guards carried the injured person to the Government Hospital in Rishikesh by their own means and got him admitted there.

During treatment, the injured person was identified as Jagdish Gupta, a resident of Chandrabhaga in Rishikesh. Gupta thanked the Home Guards for helping him after gaining consciousness following his treatment.

Sometimes, even policemen and other people ignore such injured persons lying on the roads and few come forward to provide help. That the home guards went out of the way to help the injured person speaks highly of their commitment towards humanity. They acted as first responders on their own and used their own resources to carry the injured to the hospital.

When the news spread, IG Police/ Commandant General, Home Guards Kewal Khurana, appreciated the deed also honoured them with an appreciation certificate. Khurana observed that this would prove an inspiration for all the Home Guards and be a matter of pride for the Department.