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House gutted by fire due to short circuit


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 28 Dec: An old house located at New Road in Dalanwala and belonging to Col Raman Shukla (Retd) and his wife, Shama Shukla, caught fire last night at around 11 p.m. and was entirely gutted. The couple was fortunate enough to escape unhurt but they lost all their belongings as the house was reduced to ash.

Speaking to Garhwal Post, Col Shukla disclosed that it all happened within a matter of minutes. He said he and his wife were fortunate to have escaped unhurt. He believes that the fire could have been due to a short circuit. He saw a spark due to which the curtains caught fire, which quickly spread to the bookshelf. In a matter of minutes, it spread all over. He tried calling up the Fire Brigade and all the Police numbers but there was no response. As a result, he rode on a scooter to the Fire Station to inform the firemen.

Although the firemen did come but, for a while, they appeared clueless. Everything was gone in a matter of minutes.

Col Shukla added that everything including the furniture, the jewellery and all household items and cash had been lost. He, however, added that they were still grateful to God for saving their lives.