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I trust the vaccines made in India: Vidya Balan


Bollywood actor Vidya Balan, who is currently being lauded for her role in Amit Masurkar’s ‘Sherni’ acknowledges that “the coronavirus pandemic put a tremendous amount of pressure and stress on our healthcare workers”. Despite this, “they continue to work tirelessly, giving us the best of care — a reality we don’t see often unless we visit a hospital or a healthcare facility,” Vidya tells IANSlife.
The popular actor has joined hands with Vicks to lend her voice in support of all doctors and healthcare workers in the country. The brand, through its #TouchOfCare campaign, recently launched a heart-warming film on the inspiring journey of late Dnyaneshwar Bhosale’s selfless acts of care.
Bhosale left no stone unturned to ensure that many less fortunate children received life-saving medical attention during the pandemic. A doctor who lost his life to Covid-19, Bhosale left behind his wife, kids, and his dreams of building his own paediatric hospital. The film pays tribute to Bhosale and hundreds of doctors like him who lost their lives during the pandemic while extending their ‘Touch Of Care’ to the many souls in need.
Vidya said that she wished to bring to light the invisible force behind the doctors themselves: their families.
Vidya shared: “I salute Bhosale’s wife and family for supporting his selfless work! He showed us how a simple act of care can change the lives of those who need it. With his unrelenting spirit, Bhosale worked day and night during the pandemic, and like many other doctors and healthcare workers, left us too soon. I wish Mrs. Bhosale all the strength in the world to make Mr Bhosale’s dream a reality and keep his care alive among the little children of Latur.”
The National Film Award winning actor has acted in many female-led films, paving the path for change in not just the entertainment but also related industries with her bold voice. She supports the well-being message of staying at home and staying safe.
Speaking to IANSlife, Vidya advocates for Indians to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus so that we can all do our bit to reduce the burden on our healthcare systems and workers.
To support the selfless, unflinching, and challenging work by doctors and healthcare workers during this pandemic, Vidya said, “I trust the vaccines made in India, and urge everyone to maintain social distance and wash their hands regularly. I hope our country gets vaccinated soon and we are able to fight this virus with zeal!”