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“I was curious and desperate to learn”


Candid Conversation with Aman Singh Maharaj

By Tania SailiBakshi/Lakshika Bajaj

Pic: Sachin Chauhan

Dehradun, 15 Aug: ‘Author from the Valley’, in its monthly interaction, curated a session around author Aman Singh Maharaj’s debut book ‘The Dalliance with Destiny’. Hosted by the VoW Cafe – Library – Gallery – Studio,entitled, ‘Candid Conversations’, the hour-long session was attended by a limited but engaged audience.

Described as a brilliant literary feat, the book dissects human conditions with extraordinary attention to detail by a South African author of Indian origin. The author takes his readers on a mystical journey to India with an unconventional best friend.

A storyteller and columnist, born and raised in Durban, Aman Singh Maharaj primarily lives in Durban, with his extended family. He spends a considerable amount of time in India. He is a nomad who enjoys travelling the world. Taking an avid interest in anthropology, he is forever enthralled with the kaleidoscope of cultures, architectural and diversity that the world has to offer.

‘The Dalliance with Destiny’ spans a century and is set in South Africa and India.The novel captures the odyssey of a seemingly brash man in his thirties, who fights to remain lucid in what appears to be an irrational world.

Talking about his return to his roots time and again, Aman says, “Being a part of the community of Brahmins living away far from my roots, I was curious and desperate to learn from where I belonged.’ He further added, “People in general are in their comfort zone, they really don’t understand they need to explore their roots and rituals.”

Festival Director Dr Sanjeev Chopra, and the moderator for the session, added, “Aman Singh Maharaj has written a ‘no -holds- barred’ intergenerational, intercontinental story where the vast expanse of the banks, villages, towns and cities along the Ganga carry the story of migration, hope, frustration, deceit and destiny – all rolled into one.”

The author was in conversation with Lipika Bhushan, who has been working with Aman to promote his book in India. Lipika is an award-winning senior publishing professional and founder of MarketMyBook, a leading publicity and digital marketing agency for writers and publishers. Bhushan has worked with almost all the leading writers, politicians, business heads, sportsmen not just in India but the across the world.

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