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Jackie Shroff reveals he lobbied for cheaper popcorn to get people back to cinemas


Actor Jackie Shroff has expressed his joy on the reduction of popcorn prices in theaters, and remembered fond memories of watching movies in the cinema halls, a nostalgic experience that holds a special place in his heart.

Jackie had appealed to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to reduce popcorn prices during the CM’s visit to Mumbai earlier this year, and is extremely happy to see this being implemented.

As a true cinema lover, he wanted to ensure that everyone can enjoy the full cinematic experience without breaking the bank.

Acknowledging the impact of big stars like Shah Rukh Khan, who have a loyal and devoted fan following, Jackie said how their movies draw audiences to theaters consistently, and such loyalty reflects the true beauty of the theatrical experience, as it did for SRK’s recent movie ‘Pathaan’.

Jackie, who was present at the special screening of his upcoming short film ‘Paath’, said he is happy to see that families will now be able to enjoy movies of their favourite actors along with their affordable meal.

“Its good that price has been reduced of the popcorns. Cinema is cinema, now everyone can enjoy the good movies and meals at theatres with their family.  This action has been taken for all the good reasons,” he said.

He further shared: “What matters is that movies are meant for theatres and no other platform can give you that experience. People will watch the movie regardless of the size of the screen, but their enthusiasm will remain the same to walk into the theatre and see the movie. This change is amazing and I will always support it.”

Beyond his work in cinema, Jackie is also recognized for his philanthropic endeavors.

On the film front, he has Hindi flick ‘Baap’, and Tamil movie ‘Jailer’ in the pipeline.