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Karan Mahra and Pritam Singh at loggerheads over State In-charge of the party

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 8 Oct: Even after losing two straight assembly elections and two straight Parliamentary elections in Uttarakhand, there is no end to internal squabble between senior Congress leaders. Newly nominated PCC Chief Karan Mahra has now accused senior party leader and former PCC Chief Pritam Singh, of carrying personal vendetta and agenda. It may be recalled that Singh, who is also the sitting MLA from Chakrata had recently targeted the state in charge of the party affairs in Uttarakhand Devendra Yadav, claiming that he had disappeared from the state after the assembly elections.
Karan Mahra

Countering the charge levelled by Singh, Karan Mahra has now accused Singh of making false allegations against the State In charge and the party leadership. Targeting Singh, Mahra said that Pritam Singh needed better glasses to see properly. The PCC Chief added that after the election loss in the state the state in-charge Yadav was present in three consecutive meetings, while Pritam Singh had remained absent from all those meetings. Pritam Singh did not attend even the meetings related to Panchayat elections. In such a situation it was hardly appropriate for Singh to make such statements against the party leaders. Mahra stressed that big party leaders ought to avoid making such statements in order to ensure that the morale of the workers was not broken. Singh ought not break the morale of the workers by expressing his displeasure in such a way.

At the same time, Pritam Singh has also reacted to his criticism by Mahra sharply. Singh sought to remind Mahra that he always wore spectacles in order to see well and was seeing well. However, those who were not wearing spectacles ought to get their eyes tested and work towards improving their vision. He added that criticism of the state in charge was not part of any personal agenda as he did not have any personal grievances with anyone. To level such allegations that he was carrying any personal vendetta or agenda was completely wrong.  He said that there were occasions when the absence of the state in charge was particularly noted.