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Kishore Upadhyay claims discrepancies in private schools of Tehri district

By Our Staff Reporter
New Tehri, 18 Mar: Tehri MLA Kishore Upadhyay has written a letter to the District Magistrate Tehri urging him to take action towards removing major discrepancies in functioning of private schools in Tehri district. He has also urged the DM to call a meeting of all stake holders in this matter as soon as possible.
In his letter, Upadhyay has said the guardians association, guardians and students of various private schools run in Tehri have informed him that the schools are not maintaining proper standards of education and apart from this, there are many other discrepancies in the function of private schools. He pointed out that he has been informed that the schools are charging Rs 10 to 25 thousand as admission fee from the students every year. Monthly tuition fee is also not affordable.  Upadhyay claimed that he had also been informed that there is a severe shortage of class rooms in the schools but still, more and more students are being admitted.
He added that there is also a shortage of teaching and non-teaching staff. Sports ground is also not there in several schools. There is no security arrangement in the schools to deal with any fire or other accidents. Many schools do not even have accessible routes for entry of firefighting vehicles etc. In some schools, cases of regular dismissal of teaching and non-teaching staff without due process has also come to notice. In some schools, cases of students taking drugs have come to notice but the schools have not taken any action.
Upadhyay urged the DM Tehri to summon a meeting of all concerned in this respect to resolve these problems.