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Knowledgeable individual is building block of a just society: Dharmendra Pradhan


82nd Indian Public Schools’ Conference (IPSC) Principals’ Conclave


NEW DELHI, 10 Jan: Union Education and Skill Development Minister Dharmendra Pradhan virtually addressed the 82nd Indian Public Schools’ Conference (IPSC) Principals’ Conclave organised by The Doon School today. Pradhan said that National Education Policy (2020) focusses on equitable and inclusive education with special emphasis given to Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Groups. An inclusive classroom benefits everyone from myriad experiences and viewpoints, and understands the various challenges facing this country, he added.The Minister urged all the schools attending the conclave to reflect how inclusive the leading schools are and what more could be done towards ensuring that every child in the country gets the best education.

The Minister stated that a knowledgeable individual is the building block of a good society, a just society, and a progressive society. The will to learn, apply and pass that knowledge forward has pushed humanity as far as it has, from discovering fire, to farming, to soaring in the skies and floating amongst the stars. He stressed that it is the duty of every single person to do what is best for the children to give them the fundamental right to education, to guide them to their full potential, and thereby make the country and this world a better, more inclusive place. Pradhan was happy to know that IPSC, which started in 1939 with a few residential schools, now has a strength of 81 schools including Sainik Schools and Military Schools. The annual meet of the Headmasters, Headmistresses of more than 80 leading schools of India holds significant weight in terms of the power to influence the generation of tomorrow. Pradhan expressed his confidence that the Conclave has been productive where everyone has learnt something new, something to reflect on, something to innovate and implement in their respective schools so that they are able to produce curious, learned and well-informed leaders for the society and the nation. The IPSC (Indian Public Schools’ Conference), since its inception in 1939, has guided public schools in India in forming traditions that also build character and personality of students engendering a wellrounded education. The 82nd IPSC Principals’ conclave was hosted from 8-10 January 2022 by The Doon School. This was the first ever virtual conclave in the history of IPSC. About 60 principals from leading IPSC schools participated in the Conclave. The event began with the welcome address by Chairman IPSS Sunil Kant Munjal. The Chief Guest for the opening ceremony was Governor of Uttarakhand, LtGeneral Gurmit Singh (Retd) who delivered the keynote address. The theme for the three day conclave was ‘Journey from Relearning to Reform with Resilience.’ Nishi Misra, the Chairperson for IPSC, presented the vote of thanks for both the opening and closing ceremonies. After the closing ceremony the AGM took place and Dr Jagpreet Singh, Headmaster, The Doon School was unanimously elected as the Chairman of the IPSC.