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Mahanirvana Parva observed at Darbar Sahib



DEHRADUN, 6 Sep: The 333rd Mahanirvana Parva of Shri Guru Ram Rai was observed with unmatched faith today just like every year. The ‘Sajjadanashin’ of the Darbar Sahib, Mahant Devendra Dass organised special prayers to mark the occasion. He offered homage to Guru Ram Rai on the bank of the sacred pond. After that, 17 purohits made a ‘pind’ of rice, milk, honey, Gangajal, ghee and shakkar and carried out the prayers. The Prasad was then distributed among the sangats. The Mahant blessed the thousands of devotees that had come from every part of the country. A special langar was also organised. In the evening, Prasad of ‘halwa poori’ and ‘churma’ was distributed among the devotees. People of all age groups who had come from every part of the country felt blessed at being a part of this Mahanirvana Parva. Guru Ram Rai was born in 1646 on the ‘Panchmi’ of ‘Chaitra Mass’. In the year 1676, he arrived in Dehradun. Dehradun got its name as the ‘Dera’ of Guru Ram Rai. The sangat consider the soul of the Guru as immortal and observe this day as Mahanirvana Parva. According to the Public Relations Officer of Mahant Indiresh Hospital, Pradeep Shukla, the Management has announced 50% discount in treatment as per the rules of the hospital to mark the occasion of ‘Guru Parv’ for the benefit of the patients. Guru Ram Rai had also urged the ‘Sangats’ to maintain extreme cleanliness so that deadly diseases could be prevented. He said that 100 general beds and 5 ICU beds had been kept reserved for the treatment of Dengue patients at the Mahant Hospital.