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Mahara condemns Govt for raid on Harak Singh Rawat


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 30 Aug: State Congress Chief Karan Mahara has strongly condemned the raids conducted by the Vigilance Department on the institutions of former minister and senior Congress party leader Dr Harak Singh Rawat and his son. He alleged that these took place at the behest of the BJP government at the Centre and the State.

During the morning hours when the raids had begun, the Congress leaders refrained from commenting. However, later, the State Congress President Karan Mahara issued a statement condemning the BJP Government for the raids. He said that, on the one hand, the corruption of businessmen and leaders associated with BJP is being ignored by the Centre and, on the other hand, raids are being conducted on senior Congress leaders. He said that till the time Dr Harak Singh Rawat was in BJP, no allegations were made against him but, as soon as he left, he has become an eyesore for BJP. He said that this action taken by Vigilance at the behest of the Union and State Governments should be condemned in the strongest terms. With this action, the BJP governments have crossed all limits of political rivalry and political vengeance. He said that no political party that believes in democracy would justify this policy of BJP governments to harass opposition leaders. He said that the malicious raid carried out by the Vigilance on the properties of the family members of Dr Harak Singh Rawat is extremely unfortunate and condemnable.

Accusing the Modi government at the Centre and the Dhami Government in the state, Mahara claimed that the BJP governments, being ill-willed, are misusing institutions like CBI, ED and Vigilance to launch action against the leaders of the opposition parties. He said that ever since the BJP government was formed at the Centre under the leadership of Modi, the opposition leaders have been continuously investigated by the CBI. They are being harassed through ED and now vigilance is also being used in the states to harass opposition leaders.

Karan Mahara said that the Congress Party believes in the judiciary and is against any kind of corruption, but such raids on the premises of opposition leaders cannot be justified at all in a democratic system. He said that the Congress Party condemns this act.