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MDDA swings into action to demolish illegal constructions


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 28 Apr: After a long time, the Mussoorie Dehra Development Authority (MDDA) has swung into action to demolish certain illegal constructions. Today was the second day of its action in this regard. It may be recalled that, yesterday, the MDDA team had sealed 32 constructions and demolished illegal plotting on 27 bighas of land.
Today, continuing the action against illegal construction, the MDDA team sealed a commercial complex in Jakhan, being constructed on a 45 x 56 ft area. While the ground floor and three floors were sealed, the construction on the fourth floor was demolished. This construction was allegedly being constructed without permission. The action was taken under the supervision of Assistant Engineer SS Rawat and Junior Engineer YS Rawat in the presence of a strong Police force. The MDDA team also sealed six shops near Doiwala Chowk, today, which were being constructed on the ground floor by Amarjit Singh and Avtar Singh, residents of Gurdwara Shri Guru Sabha, Doiwala, reportedly without approval. In addition, illegal land plotting had been done by Kamala Devi and Pappu on 4 bighas of land behind Govardhan Temple near Haridwar Road, Doiwala Chowk, allegedly without obtaining permission. This construction was also demolished with the help of a JCB Machine.
In addition, allegedly illegal plotting of land had been done by Tarun Rawat, resident of Lane 1, Shastri Nagar, Doiwala, without obtaining permission, which was demolished by a MDDA team led by Assistant Engineer Ajay Malik, Junior Engineer Sanjay Panwar.
It may be recalled that, yesterday, illegal plotting on 27 bighas of land in Majri Grant village near Ranipokhri was also demolished by the MDDA. Around 30 illegal constructions were sealed yesterday. As per the MDDA sources, illegal plotting had been reported in Manduwala on an 18 bigha plot and orders were issued to demolish the plotting with the help of JCB machines.
The bigger question, however, is whether these buildings will be sealed permanently, demolished or not. In the past, many commercial complexes or their basements were sealed on being used for commercial purpose instead of being used for parking. However, months later, the sealed complexes were let off almost everytime without any further action. Therefore, the question does arise, whether the action being taken currently will lead the law to its logical end or the action will stop again and the sealed premises quietly opened again. It remains to be seen if the action is permanent or one would again see a rollback.
Sealing and demolition has been done in accordance on the orders issued by MDDA’s Mohan Singh Barnia under relevant sections of the Uttar Pradesh City Planning and Development Act, 1973 Amendment Act, 2000 as implemented in Uttarakhand.