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Neha Dhupia calls for end to Crimes against Nature

Dehradun, 4 Jun: Bollywood star Neha Dhupia visited Natraj Bookshop on Rajpur Road on the eve of the World Environment Day, and launched the book, ‘Rights for Planet Earth’, by Valerie Cabanes. The well known Bollywood actress and TV personality was invited by the bookshop as part of the World Environment Day Celebrations.
Speaking to a select audience, Neha Dhupia appealed to fellow citizens to plant a tree on their birthday and hoped that, if this was done, the country would have 130 crore trees every year. She felt that Dehradun was fortunate to have a Green Bookshop located in the heart of the city and its presence served as a constant reminder to its residents to be conscious towards protecting the environment not only for the present but for the coming generations as well.
She reminded all those present of what Mahatma Gandhi had famously said “The Earth can provide for the needs of all, but not the greed of a few”. She added that people and societies throughout the world were being deprived of their livelihoods because of the destruction of their environment. In the face of this ecocide, it was important for all to redefine what their rights are as humans. It was time she said to have a healthy ‘Ecosociety’.
Valerie Cabanes, the author, feels an urgent need to demand new forms of responsibility and solidarity. It is necessary to redefine a new meaning and endorse new frameworks to human action within planetary boundaries. International law must be transformed and universalised with a new pivotal value, by recognising a fifth international crime, the “crime of ecocide”.
The book has a Foreword by the world renowned environmental activist Vandana Shiva.