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No challenge to Modi and BJP in 2024: Dr Mahesh Sharma

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 16 Sep: BJP MP from Gautam Buddha Nagar (UP) and former Union Minister Dr Mahesh Sharma who is also the chairperson of Kailash Healthcare Limited, the company that runs Kailash Hospitals in several cities including in Dehradun and Noida, is currently in Dehradun on a personal trip. During his stay, he spoke exclusively to Garhwal Post on the political situation and the issues. He has recently been given the charge of Tripura by the BJP. He asserts, “BJP Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will face no competition from the opposition in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. The mood of the nation is clear, and there is no doubt that BJP will win clear majority of its own in the 2024 general elections without any problem”.
He feels BJP continues to become stronger and stronger in North Eastern states too. He reminds that BJP is in power in Tripura with a clear majority and had won both the parliamentary seats in the state in 2019. He asserts that BJP will win both the Lok Sabha seats in Tripura, reminding that Tripura was once a leftist bastion but had now completely turned saffron. He added that continuously excellent performance by the BJP in North Eastern states clearly proves a point that the minorities have no reason to fear BJP. BJP is committed to bringing North East to the mainstream of the country and will continue to ensure rapid development and growth in that region of India.
Referring to his own position as MP from Gautam Buddha Nagar constituency (NOIDA), Dr Sharma reminded that he remained as committed as ever to serve the people of his constituency and that he had won from there for the second time and with a margin of 3.75 lakhs. In response to a question regarding a recent controversy related to an alleged BJP leader in a NOIDA society, who had been arrested for harassing the residents of that society, he says,” BJP Governments in the Centre and UP are committed to maintain law and order and no one irrespective of any political affiliation is permitted to break the law! The accused in that case was arrested by the Police and his illegal construction was also demolished. Some people tried to make it a political issue and bring disrepute to the BJP and to me as the local MP, but they did not succeed.”
When asked what makes him so confident about the BJP win in the 2024 Lok Sabha competition, he asserted that BJP is the only truly pan India party now. The Congress is a sinking ship, whereas the regional parties are also facing tough times in various states from the BJP. Parties like SP, BSP in UP and others in other states are also on a rapid decline. A united opposition is a mirage that is not going to become a reality despite all the claims. Not only this, BJP and Modi will win not just because there is no alternative, but also because of a highly strong and positive pro-incumbency wave across the country. He added, “You see, people can’t be fooled for ever. They are well aware how much the international standing of the country has improved under Modi and strategically the country is at its strongest position so far. There is no reason why people should be angry or dissatisfied with the Union Government. The Covid situation was managed and handled very effectively by the Centre despite such a huge challenge. The medical infrastructure has improved considerably post Corona across the country. 80 crores have been given free ration to compensate for any losses that they might have faced due to Corona. The vision of Modi Government for rapid development and industrialisation is crystal clear and sharp. India is now globally standing very tall and economically very strong.”
When asked if inflation and unemployment were not major issues that could affect the performance of the BJP in 2024 elections, the BJP leader claimed that inflation is a global issue due to Corona and despite the inflation, India has managed its economy better than the rest of the world. Slowly inflation would also come under strict control. And the people understand this, and they would also be considering strategic issues and other important issues before casting votes.

Dr Sharma claimed that the Opposition was rattled and was clueless as to how to compete with the BJP in 2024 polls. Time and again they were trying to raise communal issues and the bogey of secularism, but the fact remained that Modi in India and Yogi Adityanath in UP have strictly kept communalism of any colour strictly under check. The Opposition is not only clueless but also issueless, he asserted.