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No Way In – Udayan Mukherjee



Dehradun, 18 Dec: Day 1 at the Valley of Words Literature Festival featured a gathering of literary luminaries. The festival commenced successfully, hosting 100 authors and presenting 36 diverse sessions over the course of two days.
The Valley of Words Literature Festival offered a range of literary delights, granting attendees unique perspectives from renowned writers.
In the midst of the enlightening and captivating sessions, one such session truly distinguished itself. Udayan Mukherjee, the erstwhile face of the Indian financial markets as anchor and managing editor of CNBC, is the author of ‘No Way In’, which won the VOW 2023 Award for Fiction.
The session was chaired by Dr Satish Aikant and aptly moderated by Ratna Manucha, a renowned author, educationist and columnist, and a VOW associate since its inception. Over the course of the session viewers, were provided an exceptional insight into the mind of Udayan Mukherjee and his perspective on the book. The session was solely focused on the book and well discussed which allowed viewers who hadn’t read it to gain enough information. Mukherjee’s articulate and engaging discussion created an immersive experience, making the session equally appealing to, both, avid readers of the book and those new to its storyline.
Ratna’s insightful questions prompted Udayan to dive deeper into the storyline, dissecting its underlying themes and revealing his motivations behind shaping the characters’ perspectives. Her exceptional questioning technique facilitated a rich and comprehensive discussion, offering viewers a nuanced understanding of the author’s creative process and elevating the session to a thoughtful exploration of the book’s intricacies. Additionally, Udayan’s ability to convey the nuances of the plot and characters not only kept the audience engaged, but also kindled curiosity for those unfamiliar with the material. The well facilitated discussion with plenty of audience participation gave the viewers an exceptional perspective on ‘No Way In’.
Overall, the session was a resounding success.
Over the years, the Valley of Words has become an integral part of the Doon Valley, eagerly looked forward to by all.