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Not everything important is achieved by men; women have also changed the world : Devika Bulchandani


Welham Girls’ celebrates Founders’ Day


DEHRADUN, 22 Oct: The main Founders’ Day programme included Speeches, Prize Distribution and Femme Guerrere: Woman, Warrior Saint, a beautiful play of a simple girl, Joan of Arc or the Maid of Orleans, who transcended gender roles and became an inspired warrior to save France from the English.

Devika Bulchandani, the Global CEO of Ogilvy and a world-class marketer who leads with passion, purpose, and uncompromising focus presided over the celebrations. Bulchandani firmly believes in the power of creativity to make a positive impact on society. She played a key role in launching the iconic ‘Fearless Girl’ statue on the Wall Street, New York that stands till date as a beloved global symbol of women’s equality. Through the numerous advertising campaigns, she aims to address various social issues and inspire young people to turn their social media feeds into a positive space.

Bulchandani also addressed the gathering and encouraged the students by marking out the five lessons she learnt in school that helped her in moving ahead in her life’s journey. She urged the girls to be fearless, to be articulate, take risks, master the art of persuasion, imbibe the life lessons that go beyond the curriculum and controlling one’s reactions can be extremely liberating.

She said, “I want to say to all you teachers today: you play a critical role in shaping who we become. The lessons you teach us go well beyond the classroom; humour, teamwork, friendship, perspective, spontaneity. Lessons that we take with us for the rest of our lives. While the girls still in school may not realize this now, your contributions to their future will be unparalleled. Here’s a fact: not everything important is achieved by men. Women have also changed the world. And we will continue to do so. As you sit here today, I want you to believe in yourself, because if you don’t, how do you expect others to? Believe in your ability to do anything. Believe that a barrier is just an invitation to climb that tree and if you fall you can climb it again. Believe that your potential is your beauty.”

The former Chairman of the PwC India Foundation and the President of the Board of Governors of Welham Girls’ School, Deepak Kapoor shared the dais along with Neelu Khanna, Dr. Jagpreet Singh, Headmaster, The Doon School and Sangeeta Kain, Principal, Welham Boys’ School along with other members of the School Board.

The School Annual Report was presented on the occasion by the School Principal, Kapoor wherein she urged the students to “follow the road not taken” and stand for their beliefs by daring to defy the herd, without being afraid to be their own selves. She requested the parents to be equal collaborators in their daughters’ journey by encouraging them to fight their own battles. She further said, “The American author Susan Cain says: Everyone shines given the right lighting. For some, it’s a Broadway spotlight; for others, a lamplight desk. And I think this thought echoes with what I personally believe we do here. Welham, with its army of caregivers, fosters each girl to become a woman who carries her own light, be it a spotlight or a lamplight.”

True to the School’s traditions, the Awards given out were not just to recognize marks alone or achievements in Sports, etc., but to extol those qualities which build a person’s character – Good Citizenship, Helpfulness, Creativity, Compassion and Community Service.

‘Long Service Awards’ were also presented to three Staff Members including Vibha Kapoor herself for having served the institution for 25 years.

The event was also graced with the presence of the former Vice Principals, Dayita Datta and Gita Sharma as well as many old staff members.