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Olive Greens To Lights-Camera – Action!


 “An inspirational journey of an army officer, Col Bhaskar Bharti (Retd) based in Dehradun: His resolve now is to pursue his passion for creativity, after a successful army career spanning 37 years, in films & web series as an actor at the age of 55


In The End We’ll All Become Stories, Try To Make It A Good One…”

This is a story of a regular, naïve teenager, middle-class boy with unusual dreams while growing up… to become a cricketer, a singer, a badminton player, a writer/poet, an artist, and an Actor, and really intrigued parents, who always convinced him to be a bright student and have a good job and financial security. Déjà vu?

The Journey

This teenage boy embarked on his karmic journey with all his God gifted talents by playing KV Nationals in Badminton and Cricket, crooning Hindi songs on stage, Debating, Athletics, Poetry Writing, Oil-Painting and occasionally Clicking Photographs, also scoring respectable grades in school and becoming School Captain in class 12. The aspiration of being an actor never died down, it just hibernated deep inside…! He couldn’t gather enough courage to take the drastic decision and conformed to the social norms. He appeared in the competitive exam of the ‘National Defence Academy’ (NDA), Pune, in 1984…probably influenced by IMA cadets who passed through his school campus. He got lucky…

Cut To-

He joined the hallowed NDA, the dream for every youth of our country. With four years of rigorous training at NDA and the prestigious and surreal Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, he began his professional journey in the Indian Army in 1989. Then ensued his roller-coaster journey of National Service – Siachen Glacier / J&K, North-East, United Nations Mission in Africa, other operational, administrative and management assignments during his service, tenures which acted as a pedestal for a professionally satisfying service, across the length and breadth of the Country. He was decorated with medals twice for his exemplary service. In addition to acquiring his professional military qualifications, he never lost sight of the importance of value addition. He added a PG in HRM (LBSIMT), PG in JMC (IGNOU), MDP(IIM-A), ‘A’ level French Diploma (UN Mission), Diploma in Computers (C-DAC) and Digital Security (Tech-Mahindra) to his qualifications. All this while, he kept his passion for creativity and performing arts alive and the amber of his passion for creativity kept simmering. During his posting in Mumbai, he underwent an Acting Course at Anupam Kher’s Institute and a Film-Making Course from Mumbai University. It wasn’t easy to balance his professional life with his passion for creativity. It really demanded tremendous will-power, hard work and perseverance. After serving the nation for 33 years, he hung up his boots on 31 December, ‘21.

Liberating Second Innings

Retirement was inevitable…. In his first innings, he served the Indian Army and Country with courage, dignity and sacrifice beyond the call of duty. Now, here was the time to adapt to the non-military way of functioning and other realities of being a veteran. Social norms, peer pressure and other intangibles induced him to take up a prestigious assignment in a reputed professional higher education institution. On paper, it seemed too good to be true…

Dilemmas & Course Correction     

His passion for creativity reemerged again and he finally decided to give up the plush job and follow his passion for creativity. His creative side prompted him to follow an organic process of getting into films/web series. He joined a Theatre Society and began his journey by performing in theatrical plays. “Universe conspires to help those who are passionate” – is an adage he religiously believed in. He got a cameo in his first web-series in Mumbai in October 2022. More ensued in 2023 and he got an important character role in his second web-series, followed by a cameo in a film, also a prominent role in a short film, all recently shot in Dehradun and under production. AIR, Dehradun invited him for an interview aired on 14 August, 2023, – indeed a moment of truth.

Challenges & Way Ahead 

At 55 years of age, for him, challenges are enormous, competition stiff and residual time limited. But with his zest for life and tremendous passion to be an actor, it makes him more resolute and more focused to be relevant in this creative field. As a trail-blazer, he stands as an inspiration to all, who have various passions but hesitate in taking the plunge. As per him, there is no age for learning and anything is possible to achieve if one follows passion with honesty.

Life Lessons:  Never let your passion fade away to oblivion and there is no age to follow one’s passion. You only live once!

Life Goals: To listen to your heart and be relevant in life’s journey as age is just a number.