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Preparations begin at Guru Ram Rai Darbar for Jhanda Mela


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 3 Mar: Preparations have begun for the Jhanda Mela at the Guru Ram Rai Darbar, here. On Monday, special prayers and ‘ardas’ were offered before the Jhandeji. On Friday, a team of devotees under the mentorship of Mahant Devendra Dass left for Arrayanwala, Haryana, where the Jhande Ji was raised with utmost enthusiasm and fervour.

A hundred member delegation reached Arrayanwala at 12 noon. The old Jhandeji was brought down with religious fervour. It was bathed with milk, curd, ‘ghee’, butter, ‘Gangajal’ and ‘panchgavyon’. The 60 foot high flag pole was raised in the presence of thousands of devotees. Till late in the evening the ‘Sangats’ raised slogans praising Guru Ram Ram Rai.

On the occasion, Prasad and langar were distributed among the devotees.

Before this, as per the tradition, the priest of the Darbar Sahib had left for Bara Gaon, Haryana, on 1 March along with the ‘hukamnama’ of Mahant Devendra Dass. After this, the Sangat started walking towards Dehradun.

On 4 March, the Sangat will be welcomed at Shri Guru Ram Rai Public School, Sahaspur. On 5 March, the devotees will enter Dehradun.

The management of Shri Darbar Sahib and Shri Jhande Ji Mela Organising Committee will welcome the ‘paidal sangat’ at Kanwali village.

On the evening of 5 March, devotees will arrive at the Darbar Sahib. They will be welcomed by the management of Shri Darbar Sahib and Mahant Devendra Dass. Just like every year, the sangat will enter the Darbar Sahib via the Darshani Gate.

Manager of the Mela Organising Committee, KC Juyal has stated that the preparations for the fair are at their peak. From 9 March, devotees from all over India and abroad will begin arriving in large number. On 11 March, the ‘Sangat’ from the east will be given a farewell as per the tradition of the Darbar Sahib. On Tuesday, 22 March, the holy flag pole will be raised marking the beginning of the Jhanda Mela.