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Pressure on Govt in respect of tougher land laws intensifies



DEHRADUN, 2 Dec: Even as the state assembly elections are approaching, political pressure on Dhami Government is intensifying to bring tougher land laws for purchase of land in the state for outsiders. While in Haridwar to attend a programme, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami was asked about this, and he gave a balanced response to the question. CM Dhami said that the decision to dissolve the Devasthanam Board had been taken after seeking public opinion and suggestions and the government chose to respect the public sentiments. In respect of tougher land laws too, the government would seek public opinion and claimed that suggestions were also being sought from the public regarding the land law and a suitable and appropriate decision would be taken on the basis of the public sentiments. It may be recalled that initially the Congress too made a huge issue out of this while making allegations that the BJP Government was selling land to land mafias from outside the state and for this had relaxed laws regarding purchase of land in the hills. However, as the elections approach, Congress seems to have forgotten the issue and has chosen to go silent on this issue. On the other hand some regional parties like UKD, such emotional issues remain the main election plank and the UKD is trying to make a political comeback on this emotive issue. AAP leaders were also issuing statements in demand to toughen the land purchase laws, particularly in the hills. However, ironically on one hand, some political leaders and parties demand very strict restrictions on land purchase by outsiders in the hills and on the other complain that no investment is coming in the hills.