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India’s rising profile across the globe on the back of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relentless diplomatic outreach needs to be acknowledged by the entrenched powers by providing a permanent seat at the high table. Making India a member of the United Nations Security Council would be a good beginning. All the many treaties on trade relations, the climate, human rights, etc., should include India’s point of view and take care of its interests. This would ensure that India’s energies would not be wasted on pushing itself to the front, but be spent on doing some actual good for Humanity.

It is not a coincidence that India’s Prime Minister is attracting the limelight wherever he goes and it has got to do with more than just his excellent showmanship. Every country and bloc, today, is impacted by India’s economy and political positioning. The nations in the Pacific Ocean need the Quad alliance; Africa requires India’s development model; the US needs an independent-minded reliable ally; Europe, UK, Russia need India’s markets, services and skill-sets. And, yet, they do not fully acknowledge India’s ascendance because of an inherent, colonial sense of superiority. The achievements and contribution of the Indian Diaspora are also reluctantly admitted. China’s present economic clout has been grossly misused by its leadership to advance its cause, particularly against India, which is a major misjudgement. It is being left behind rapidly in the political game and in the projection of soft power, when it would have a sustainable future through cooperation with India.

Even in India, there are people still stuck in the old subservient mindset, who challenge the legitimacy and effectiveness of the new paradigm. They question India’s aspirational diplomacy as unsophisticated and arriviste. In their hands, India would soon be rendered a second-rate power, ruling it in the third-world ghetto.

India has its problems but solving these also requires better global positioning. This cannot happen without leveraging every advantage and hardball negotiation skills. This needs an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses, as also opportunities and threats. To be focused almost entirely on the threats and weaknesses, and continuously lament the losses, does not take a team or nation forward. In light of this fact, can there be any doubt that India’s forward movement is required at the present and foreseeable future, instead of the nitpicking lament for the past? Confidence in one’s culture and belief systems serves much better than the notions borrowed from others – let the effort continue.