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Senior officials promise speedy improvement of law & order situation in state


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 17 Oct: Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, DGP Ashok Kumar, Additional Principal Secretary and ADG Abhinav Kumar interacted with reporters at the Secretariat Media Centre, here, today. This press briefing followed a review of the law and order situation of the state held at the Secretariat.

Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi stated that all the relevant issues pertaining to the law and order situation were discussed at the meeting.

She claimed that all the recent cases of robbery in the state would be solved soon and the culprits arrested. She further said that, in view of the festivals, necessary instructions were given by holding a virtual meeting with the police officers of all the districts. On the instructions of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the SSPs of the districts were directed to fix the responsibility of the policemen in respect of all crimes in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

Raturi also claimed that the law and order system in Uttarakhand is better than in most other states and, in view of this, people from all over the world are coming to Uttarakhand. The murder in Kashipur, attack on policemen in Laksar and theft in the house of a minister’s cousin in Doiwala would be soon solved, she claimed. The position of Uttarakhand in terms of law and order in the country was far better than other states.

She reminded that a 3-day ultimatum had been given by the Director General of Police, Ashok Kumar, to solve the case of the murder of a mining businessman’s family member in Kashipur, the robbery in Doiwala and the incident of firing on policemen in Haridwar district.

Ashok Kumar reminded that, in case the cases are not solved within three days, the police station in-charge and jurisdictional officers concerned would be removed. Apart from this, he said the Senior Superintendents of Police of the respective districts would also be considered to have failed in crime control if the above incidents are not solved soon.

It may be recalled that, with regard to the law and order situation in the state, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has given strict instructions that recent crime incidents that have happened in the state be solved at the earliest.