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Speaker Ritu Bhushan constitutes various legislative Standing Committees


Munna Chauhan nominated Chairperson of Estimates Committee; Mamta Rakesh of PAC

By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun 26 Jul: Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan has constituted 15 Legislative Standing Committees on various subjects and has appointed the members and chairpersons.

The Committees constituted by the order issued today by Bhushan are the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Estimates Committee, Committee on Public Undertakings and Corporations, Committee on Government Assurances, Committee related to Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes Castes, Sanskrit Language Promotion Committee, Ethics Committee, Committee on Information Technology, Committee on Migration, Committee on Sustainable Development, Committee on Youth Affairs, Committee on Local Languages, Assembly Library Committee and Committee on Environment Protection.

Mamta Rakesh

In a statement issued after constituting the committees, Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan observed that the committees of the Legislative Assembly are a miniature form of the House. She said, “The committees also conduct their business in the same way as the House functions. Various assembly committees have been formed to control the functioning of the legislative assembly. The Parliamentary Committees act as the eyes and ears of the House and through them the House continues to function even when it is not in session.”

Munna Chauhan

She expressed the hope that the committees constituted would do their work with full responsibility and promptness and contribute significantly to the development of the state and in the service of society.
She also conveyed her congratulations and best wishes to the chairpersons and members of all the committees.

On Financial matters, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Estimates Committee are considered to be very crucial committees and the PAC chairp is traditionally a member from the Opposition. The PAC constituted today is chaired by Mamta Rakesh of Congress with Virendra Kumar, Diwan Singh Bisht, Sarwat Karim Ansari, Pradeep Batra, Pritam Singh Panwar and Sahdev Singh Pundir as members. The Estimates Committee is headed by BJP’s senior MLA Munna Singh Chauhan with Pradeep Batra, Diwan Singh Bisht, Tilak Raj Behad, Harish Dhami, Pritam Singh Panwar and Shaila Rani Rawat as members.

Public Undertakings and Corporations Committee will be chaired by BJP’s Vinod Kandari with Suresh Singh Chauhan, Anil Nautiyal, Sahdev Singh Pundir, Sumit Hridayesh, Furqan Ahmed and Bharat Singh Chowdhary as members.

The Committee on Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Non-categorised castes will be chaired by Gopal Singh Rana with Fakir Ram Tamta, Bhupal Ram Tamta, Raj Kumar Pori, Sarita Arya, Suresh Gadhia and Ravi Kumar as members.

The Committee on Government Assurances is another important body that can take the government to task on non-fulfilment of assurances given in the House by the ministers or the CM. It is also traditionally chaired by an Opposition member. Vikram Singh Negi has been nominated as Chairperson of the committee with Manoj Tiwari, Pradeep Batra, Mohan Singh Mehra, Pramod Nainwal, Trilok Singh Cheema and Sanjay Dobhal as members.

The Legislative Library Committee has been constituted with Mohammed Shahzad as Chairman and Suresh Singh Chauhan, Raj Kumar Pori, Fakir Ram Tamta, Madan Bisht, Anupama Rawat and Umesh Kumar as members. The

Sanskrit Language Promotion Committee will have Bharat Singh Choudhary as Chairman and Kishore Upadhyay, Bhupal Ram Tamta, Savita Kapoor, Khushal Singh Officer, Rajendra Singh Bhandari and Durgeshwar Lal as members.

Another important committee is the Ethics Committee and the Speaker has nominated BJP member Vinod Chamoli as Chairman with Suresh Gadhia, Trilok Singh Cheema, Bhuwan Kapri, Anupama Rawat, Dr Mohan Singh Bisht and Sarwat Karim Ansari as members.

The Committee on Information Technology will have Umesh Sharma ‘Kau’ as Chairman with Umesh Kumar, Shiv Arora, Pramod Nainwal, Rajendra Singh Bhandari, Ravi Kumar and Brij Bhushan Gairola as members.

The Committee on Migration has been constituted for the first time and it will have Khajan Das as Chairman with Renu Bisht, Diwan Singh Bisht, Fakir Ram Tamta, Pritam Singh, Manoj Tiwari and Anil Nautiyal as members. The Committee on Environmental Protection will have Shakti Lal Shah as Chairman with Anil Nautiyal, Kishore Upadhyay, Dr Mohan Singh Bisht, Suresh Singh Chauhan, Madan Singh Bisht and Mayukh Mahr as members.

The Committee on Sustainable Development will have Adesh Chauhan as Chairman with Virendra Kumar, Adesh Singh Chauhan, Mohan Singh Mahra, Shail Rani Rawat, Mahesh Jeena and Brij Bhushan Gairola as members. The Committee on Youth Affairs has Ram Singh Kaida as Chairman with Raj Kumar Pori, Sahdev Singh Pundir, Suresh Gadhia, Mahesh Jeena, Harish Dhami and Sumit Hridayesh as members.

The Local Dialect Language Committee will have Dalip Singh Rawat as Chairman with Durgeshwar Lal, Rajendra Singh Bhandari, Khushal Singh Adhikari, Pramod Nainwal, Shiv Arora and Shailrani Rawat as members.

It may be recalled that various permanent nature financial and non-financial committees have been constituted under Article 174(2) of the Constitution, for the collective responsibility of the Council of Ministers towards the Legislature and to have effective control over the functions of the Executive, the procedure and conduct of business of Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Rules, 2005, made under Article 208 of the Constitution.