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Supplementary Budget passed, several bills tabled


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 30 Nov: The House, this evening in a late sitting, passed the supplementary budget tabled yesterday to the tune of Rs 5440 crores.  The ministers concerned sought approval of the House for the supplementary budget related to their departments and the House approved the budgets by voice vote without any discussion.

In addition, today, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister tabled the Action Taken Report on notices received under Rule 300 (Calling Attention Motion) which had been tabled during the second session of the current year in the House. Regulations regarding land resources under the Housing Department were tabled. Forest Minister Subodh Uniyal tabled economic reports related to Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation for the years up to 2018-19 in the House. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prem Chand Aggarwal tabled the annual report related to Uttarakhand Peyjal Nigam for the years 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Fisheries Minister Saurabh Bahuguna tabled an amendment bill in the Uttaranchal Fisheries Act 2003. Tabling the bill, Bahuguna claimed that the amendment was sought towards improving the competitiveness of the economy and to simplify the regulatory framework to reduce regulatory compliance burden and to decriminalise certain minor offences.

An amendment bill related to Uttarakhand Municipal Corporation Act was tabled by Urban Development Minister Prem Aggarwal. The amendment is ostensibly aimed to bring uniformity in the accounting system of urban local bodies as promulgated by the Government of India. In order to implement the double entry system and better accounting manual, it had become necessary to amend certain sections of the Act, Aggarwal informed the House. He also introduced a similar bill of amendment in the accounting manual of Municipal Councils under Uttarakhand Municipal Councils Act.

Finance Minister Prem Aggarwal also proposed an amendment in the qualifying service for pensions through tabling the Uttarakhand Qualifying Service for Pension and Validation Bill 2022.  Tabling the bill, Aggarwal pointed out that despite the enactment of Uttarakhand Retirement Benefits Act 2018, cases had been filed in various courts for giving retirement benefits from the date of posting as daily wagers, adhoc, work charged contractual appointment or fixed pay or part time workers. The bill aimed to bring a law in this regard. With the enactment of this bill, a large number of employees who had begun their jobs as not permanent employees would get benefit of serving as temporary employees for the limited purpose of fulfilling the qualifying service.

Cooperative Minister Dhan Singh Rawat also tabled an amendment bill related to Uttarakhand Cooperative Societies Act 2003. Tabling the bill, he said that under Section 31 A of the said Act, there was a provision of appointment of Managing Director in Apex Societies. The amendment was proposed to include experienced officers of scheduled banks in the selection process to make them eligible for the post.