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‘The Proposal’ staged at ‘The Great Mountain Theatre Festival’



Dehradun, 14 Dec: KSM Film Productions and FLO Uttarakhand, in association with NZCC Patiala and Pancham Ved Creation Charitable Trust, have organised ‘The Great Mountain Theatre Festival’ at the Olympus High Auditorium.

On the fourth day of the festival, the Chief Guest was TK Aggarwal, a theatre activist and designer, as well as founder of Kalamanch. The Guest of Honour, was Navneet Gairola, an eminent theatre artist, actor and radio presenter. He has directed many plays and acted in more than 25 of them. He has also acted in various Bollywood movies like “Dum laga ke Haisha”, “Kashmir Files”, “Little Baby” and “Badhai Ho”.

The day commenced with the welcome of the dignitaries. It was then followed by a welcome speech by the Managing Director, Dr Kunal Shamshere Malla.

The highlight of the event was the play, ‘The Proposal’.

Affluent bachelor Lokeshwaranand, who has reached the age of 40, had given up the idea of marriage, but after much deliberation, he approaches his neighboyr Yamkeshwar Prasad’s 35-year-old daughter Nirmala with a marriage proposal. When he hesitantly states his intention, Nirmala’s father becomes happy and goes to call Nirmala. When Nirmala arrives, unaware of the proposal and after formal talks, a verbal spat begins with absurd remarks over some of their differences. Nirmala’s father also gets involved in the argument. Meanwhile, Lokeshwaranand becomes unconscious in a fit of anger and when Nirmala learns that he had proposed marriage to her, she starts mourning. Humor in the drama develop from the awkwardness of real life and the oddities of human nature. The play also tries to say somewhere that without a life partner, any person can have psychological problems which leave a deep impact on his life, his nature and activities, which can also be a subject of joke or discussion for society. All three main characters of the play are bachelors or lonely, due to which their characters have many strange characteristics or shortcomings which create humor in the play. The director of the play is Anshika Jain, who is currently pursuing MA theatre. She is an accomplished Theatre and Film actress. She has played lead roles in numerous plays and has directed plays like ‘The Proposal’ and ‘Hum hain na Saath’. She has acted in Doordarshan Telefilms like “Ek Nayi Udaan” and “Qarza”, also “Fuh se fantasy” for Jio Cinema and “Gyara Gyara” for Zee5.

The Chief Guest was then invited on the dais to address the gathering.  The programme culminated with a vote of thanks by the FICCI FLO Chairperson, Dr Anuradha Pundeer Malla.