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‘Verse vis-à-vis Prose’ discussed at VoW – Author from the Valley

By Dr Tania Saili Bakshi
Padamshri awardee  Dr BKS Sanjay renowned orthopaedic surgeon from Dehradun and Founder President, Uttaranchal State Chapter of Indian Orthopaedic Association graced the July edition of the ‘Authors from the Valley,’ hosted at the VoW Café – Library- Gallery-Studio by Valley of Words, International Literature and Arts Festival.
Dr Sanjay wears many hats. An orthopaedic surgeon  holds a Guinness World Record and Limca Book Record for outstanding surgical achievement in the year 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2009 as well as 2020 for Outstanding Social Achievement. Dr Sanjay was bestowed the 2022 Kavya Saman Award for his valuable contribution to poetry and his compositions in Hindi and English that revolve around universal sentiments of love, affection, service and compassion for society.
The book in discussion was Dr Sanjay’s latest  compilation of seventy-five poems published by Vani Prakashan “Uphaar Sandesh Ka” which was released by Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami and also presented to the Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu.
The poet narrated certain poems from his collection “Uphaar Sandesh Ka”  which he felt were relevant in today’s world and  which showcased the basic realities of human life in general. He mentioned how his latest collection of poems were about a life well-lived like “Do shabdh’, ‘Kavita kya hai’, ‘Bhookh’, ‘Nirnay’, ‘Nata’ to name a few. He said, “I chose poetry over fiction because my poems are based on reality while fiction is based on imagination.”
The poet was in conversation with another gem from the world of Hindi literature Dr Sushil Upadhyay, Principal & Professor of Hindi at Chamanlal Post Graduate College, Landhora, Haridwar. Himself a published author of over a dozen books on language, media and literature, Dr Upadhyay has also penned fifty Research Papers related to Hindi literature and Journalism.
Dr Upadhyay retraced Dr Sanjay’s journey into the world of poetry and its nuances. The moderator beautifully curated the session highlighting the multi-faceted personality of the poet and the various influences that have played an integral part in Dr Sanjay’s body of work. Talking about what keeps him busy these days Dr Sanjay said, “At present I am working on a collection of my new poems.” Adding, “Me and my son have written almost hundred guest- columns for Pioneer on various health and social issues. I have planned to compile them in a book form very soon.”
Looking forward to an interaction with the great karmyogi, Festival Director Dr Sanjeev Chopra stated, “For a doctor, who is also an entrepreneur and professional leader of the medical world, the stirrings of poetry are rather uncommon. But reading the poems of Sanjay is a real eye opener. From a poem which says that ‘grandmothers can never really be old , to the trials  and tribulations of child birth as well as the journey of life from the womb to the grave,’ his poems give real insight into the journey of life in  reflective strain.” Dr Chopra further added, “This unique collection goes well with the theme of G-20. And the eighth shloka from the third chapter of Bhagwad Geeta is also very relevant: Do your work as prescribed by the scripture, because a life in work is superior to a life without active engagement in work, and in fact, the body also can sustain itself only through work.”