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When Prince Charles, now King Charles III, visited Navdanya Uttarakhand

By Our Staff Reporter 
DEHRADUN, 10 Sept: Prince Charles honored Navdanya, Dehradun by his visit on 07 November 2013. Navdanya Conservation Organic farm is in Ramgarh village on old Shimla Road Dehradun. Navdanya started by Dr. Vandana Shiva, a well known environmentalist and receiver of many awards like the Right Livelihood Award (Alternate Nobel Prize). Navdanya has contributed to Organic Farming in Uttarakhand for over thirty years. King Charles is an ardent believer in organic farming and environmental issues. He took keen interest in the Organic farming practices in the Navdanya Farm. He even tried his hand at ploughing the field with plough and bullocks. He was fascinated by the diverse methods of organic composts such as Jeevamrit and Panchkavya. After the tour of Navdanya farm, he addressed the participants and staff of the team.
The connect of Dr. Vandana Shiva with the then Prince Charles has been from the time they gave the BBC Reith Lecture in 2000. Their respect for Earth and Organic Farming has been a common goal. Dr. Vandana Shiva had visited His Highness at High Grove and Balmoral Castle in UK, when she went to teach in the Schumacher College. During his visit to India on 30 October 2003 His Highness had lunch at Navdanya Organic Café in Dilli Haat, on 02 October 2008. Navdanya had the honour of His Highness giving the Howard Memorial Lecture in Delhi. This lecture is organized annually by Navdanya to celebrate Indian organic farming traditions. Sir Albert Howard spread organic farming knowledge across the world; a lot had been learnt by him from the Indian peasants and writings. Based on these he has written An Agricultural Testament.
16 October 2022 which is the World Food Day Navdanya will renew its commitment to Organic Farming especially in Uttarakhand.
The fond memories of the Organic Prince who is now the King are cherished by all.