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Who is the IPS officer in news over suicide of hotelier from Delhi?

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 3 Dec: One IPS officer of Uttarakhand Cadre is being linked to the suicide of a hotelier in Delhi. Since this news went viral, names of a few IPS officers were doing rounds in the political circles of Uttarakhand and in the media. Of course, so far, the name has not been actually revealed by the Delhi Police which is conducting the investigation into the suicide case of Amit Jain.
As per the sources, the suicide letter mentions about the partnership Amit Jain had in the hotel with this IPS officer.
It is being alleged that the IPS officer had suddenly started pressurising Amit Jain to return all the investment that he (the IPS officer had made) which ultimately led Jain to commit suicide.
Soon after this news went viral, media persons covering the crime beat reached the State Police Headquarters here and called on ADG Law & Order and the Police Spokesperson V Murugesan. Murugesan informed that a letter had been sent to Delhi Police in this regard so that the name could be revealed and an inquiry could be conducted in the case. Murugesan also expressed hope that the Delhi Police would conduct a thorough inquiry into the case and reach the final conclusion.

It may be recalled that the hotel owner Amit Jain had committed suicide on 22 November in a house in Delhi. He is also learnt to have left a suicide note where he had mentioned a partnership dispute as the reason behind the suicide. It was further claimed that the letter mentioned one IPS officer of Uttarakhand as the partner concerned. Of course, the suicide letter has been sealed by the Delhi Police as important evidence but since the news spread, some possible names were doing rounds in Uttarakhand.