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Workshop on ‘Ayurvedic Principles in Health Care’ held at Patanjali


By Our Staff Reporter

HARIDWAR, 17 Sep: A one-day workshop was organised on Saturday by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, in collaboration with Patanjali Research and Patanjali University under Patanjali Ayurved Hospital in the auditorium of Patanjali Research Institute at which Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) along with State Institute of Agriculture Extension and Training (SIAET) participated.

A ‘Memorandum of Undertaking’ related to research work was also signed between them. The workshop was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by Acharya Balkrishna, General Secretary of Patanjali Yog Peeth, Komal Prasad Aharwal, Director of State Agricultural Extension and Training Centre, Barkhedi Kalan, Bhopal, and Dr Rajesh Saxena, Scientific Advisor of Patanjali Research Foundation Trust.

The Acharya said that India is the land of Ayurveda. It has preserved Vedic wisdom for centuries. The Patanjali Research Foundation is working to connect this ancient knowledge with modern science. Scientists of Patanjali Research Institute have developed an evidence-based medical system to establish Ayurveda globally, which is taking the system to the pinnacle with complete authenticity.

He said that, today, the Prime Minister of the country talks about self-reliant India. Patanjali Institute has played a major role in that. Patanjali’s efforts to preserve and propagate traditional knowledge have led millions of people to accept the ancient science of medicinal plants. This Ayurvedic principle is unique in the world medical system.

A special guest at the workshop, Komal Aharwal described ‘karma’ as the basis of life and said that one’s thoughts are reflected in one’s actions. The object of karma can be known through Vedas and scriptures. He said that there is also a need to establish practical subjects and moral values ​​in life. For the basic development of any nation, the people must be healthy and educated.

On this occasion, Dr. Anurag Varshney, Vice President of Patanjali Research Foundation, Haridwar, while presenting his views on ‘Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicines’, said that Patanjali has become synonymous with health, spirituality, patriotism and longevity. Under the guidance of Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna, a revolution has been initiated in the medical field with Yoga and Ayurveda.

Dr Rajesh Saxena, Scientific Advisor of Patanjali Research Foundation Trust, said that, today, ‘Patanjali Yog Gram’ is a successful research centre for the treatment of curable and incurable diseases.

Scientist of Patanjali Herbal Research Division, Dr Priyanka Chaudhary, Dr Vivek Gohel, Professor of Patanjali Ayurvedic College, Dr Ashish Bharti Goswami, DGM Operations of Drug Discovery and Development Division Pradeep Nain, etc., shared their research at the conference.

Dr Praveen Punia, Registrar of Patanjali University, Professor Anil Yadav, Principal of Patanjali Ayurveda College and all the supporting staff, scientists and professors of Patanjali Research Herbal Department were present on the occasion.