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Yashpal Arya trashes State Govt’s claims on disaster management



Dehradun, 8 Jul: Leader of the Opposition and Congress leader Yashpal Arya said today that the Uttarakhand government may make a million claims but what was feared ultimately happened. The first rains of the season exposed the arrangements of the government and its disaster management department. He said that the claims of the government are completely on paper and empty promises. On the ground, the government has completely failed to manage disasters in the state.

Arya said that following the first rain, itself, there has been heavy damage to drinking water lines, residential houses, main roads and connecting roads due to land subsidence and water ingress at many places in the entire state. Due to the first rain itself, life has been disrupted in the entire state due to the closure of roads and paths due to landslides at many places. He said that due to the continuous disasters for the last several years, hundreds of bridges and thousands of kilometres of road have been damaged, which the government has failed to repair.

He said that the Uttarakhand government boasts it is the first state in the country to have created a separate disaster management department but, in reality, the executive officer and another senior officer have resigned from this department at the state level and all the employees including the district disaster management officer in the districts have been kept on contract.

The Leader of Opposition said that Uttarakhand is a disaster-prone state which is always under the grip of one or the other disaster like earthquake, cloudburst, heavy rainfall, landslide, bursting of artificial lake, etc. In such a situation, it is not right to expect more from the headless disaster management department and the contract workers of the districts.

Yashpal Arya said that, despite being a disaster-prone state, the disaster management department is still running in a traditional manner. The preparation of the government and the disaster management officers is always focused on relief and rescue operations after the disaster. They have never tried to reduce the impact of the disaster by anticipating them.

The Leader of Opposition said that this time the weather department is predicting heavy rains in the state. In such a situation, it will be a big challenge for the government to safely evacuate people trapped in a natural disaster without preparation, and to provide them relief material in time.