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Cong accuses administration of behaving  like BJP’s agent in Manglaur election


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 8 Jul: Pradesh Congress President Karan Mahara has accused the local administration of acting as BJP’s agent in the Manglaur assembly by-election and has demanded action from the Election Commission against “erring” officials.

In a statement issued today, State Congress President Karan Mahara claimed that the local administration is harassing a Congress worker by calling him to the police station under the pressure of the BJP government. He said that Mohammad, who was a member of the Manglaur Municipal Council from Pathanpura, was being harassed by the Police by calling him to the police station in a 20-year-old case, whereas he has been proved innocent in the court in this case and the court has acquitted him. Mahara also claimed that earlier in the 2017 assembly elections, 2019 Lok Sabha elections and 2022 assembly and 2024 Lok Sabha elections, no cognisance was taken of this case by the police station, but in the current by-election, under pressure from ruling BJP party, the administration is harassing Congress workers in such cases and the local administration is completely working under the pressure of the Dhami government. He demanded that the Election Commission should take cognisance of this and take due action against the “guilty” officials.

Mahara further asserted that for a transparent and fair election, it is necessary that the local administration remains impartial, but this type of action of the police administration in the Manglaur assembly by-election is clearly indicating that the BJP wants to influence the assembly by-election with the force of administration and police. He said that in cases in which the Court has also acquitted the Congress workers, calling the workers to the police station under the pressure of the government is only spreading fear. He also said that Congress workers and the general public are not going to be scared of this police action and the Congress candidate will win with a huge majority.

The PCC Chief stated that governments keep coming and going but the administration has to follow the rules and laws. He said that the way all the rules and laws are being flouted in this by-election and the employee service rules are being flouted, raises questions on the transparency and fairness of the election.

Mahara also shared that the Congress Party has also sent a memorandum to the Election Commission regarding the misuse of administration in the Manglaur by-election and has demanded that it is very important for a transparent and fair election that such misuse of government machinery should be stopped immediately. He added that PCC has complained to the Election Commission, accusing the BJP government of pressurising the local administration in the Manglaur and Badrinath by-elections.

A delegation of Congress leaders led by State Congress Vice President Organization and Administration, Mathuradutt Joshi, who today met the Chief Electoral Officer, has complained to the Election Commission, accusing the BJP government of pressurizing the local administration in the Manglaur and Badrinath by-elections.