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At Anil Baluni’s initiative, NITI Aayog will form working group to prevent forest fires



New Delhi, 12 Jun: BJP’s newly elected Lok Sabha MP from Garhwal and BJP’s National Media Head Anil Baluni met NITI Aayog Vice President Suman Bery in New Delhi today and expressed great concern about frequent forest fires in the Himalayan states, especially Uttarakhand, and the huge losses caused by it.

As a consequence, NITI Aayog will form a joint working group in collaboration with the Ministries of Environment and Forests, and Finance, and conduct a comprehensive study of this problem.

Anil Baluni, in a conversation with Suman Bery, once again threw light on the horrific incidents of forest fire in Uttarakhand and the heavy losses caused by it, and said that such incidents keep coming up in all the mountainous areas including Uttarakhand, which not only damages the environment, but wildlife also has to face this tragedy. Also, there is a massive loss of life and property. This also causes heavy damage to the economy of the state. He emphasised that there is a need to make far-sighted and long-term policies in the schemes to prevent this problem. Also, there is a need to make separate provisions for this in the budget for the hilly states so that the balance between the mountain and the forest is maintained and the environment does not become unbalanced. He said that for this, cooperation and coordination from the Centre is needed. He said that Niti Aayog needs to make special coordination with the affected states as well as the Ministry of Home, Finance and Environment and make separate provisions for this in the schemes and budget.

NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Suman Bery directed the departmental officers to prepare a detailed report by studying the steps being taken in foreign countries to solve such problems and submit it as soon as possible. He also directed that coordination should be established with the state government including the Ministry of Forest and Environment, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Finance to prevent such problems in hilly states including Uttarakhand. Suman Bery assured that every necessary step will be taken to prevent forest fires in hilly states. Along with this, long-term policies and plans will be made so that such incidents can be prevented and the states can deal with such problems in a better way.