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Athletics events decided at LIC Games



DEHRADUN, 4 Dec: On the second day of the All India LIC Games 2018-19 at Maharana Pratap Sports College, Raipur, contests took place in Athletics, Volleyball, Badminton, Carom, Chess and Table Tennis.
In Athletics, the 1500 metres race was won by Kalidas Hirave in the men’s category. DL Jodge won gold in 800 metres men’s category. In women’s category, Monica Atre won the gold in 800 metres’ race. In 100 metres’ sprint, AK Gujer won the gold medal in men’s category, while the women’s sprint was won by Neetu Mathew.
The 400 metres’ hurdle race was won by A Yogesh and, in the women’s category, the race was won by T Renuka. In High Jump, women’s category, Harshini Kumari recorded 1.60 metres and won Gold. In men’s High Jump, Supreet Raj recorded 1.90 metres. In discus throw, Anshu Rai in men’s category and, in women’s, U Vasiu Methi won the gold. In volleyball league matches, North Central Zone Kanpur team defeated Central Zone Bhopal.
On the second day, Kiran Sahdev, Executive Director (HRD) & Chairperson, LIC Sports Promotion Board, presented the medals to the winners of the athletics events. BS Rath, Secretary (HRD), PK Saxena, Sr Divisional Manager, MR Shrama, Regional Manager (HRD), and other LIC officials and employees were also present.