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BJP dismisses allegations of ‘scam’ in gold plating of Kedarnath Temple

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 21 Jun: The BJP today accused all opposition parties, including the Congress, of tarnishing the image of Kedar Dham for political gains. Speaking to the media, state BJP Spokesman, Suresh Joshi, today claimed that Lord Kedar is definitely going to punish Congress in 2024, like it did in 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha Elections for its fake claims.
State Spokesperson Suresh Joshi hit back at the Congress for making statements on gold plating in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and said that the donor who got the gold-plated plates installed in Kedarnath, donated gold to the Badrinath
Temple under the same process in 2005 during the Congress regime as well. But then Congress did not have any objection. But the Congressmen are now trying to tarnish the image of the temple and the temple committee.
State Spokesperson Joshi giving detailed information about this entire process of gold plating said that according to the rules of BKTC, the committee is in a way bound to accept donations as per the wishes of any donor.  In the documents related to the donation, the donors have made it clear that the gold plating will be done on copper plates and then the gold plated copper plates will be fixed on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple under the supervision of the Temple Committee and the Archaeological department. Joshi insisted that a similar process is followed in various religious places across the country but no controversy arises there. He said, the cost of this entire work is about Rs 14 crore, but efforts are being made to spread confusion among the public by telling that the gold was worth several billion rupees.
Taking a dig at the Congress Joshi said, once again it has become clear that in protest against the BJP, the Congress is not desisting from throwing mud even at the holy places of Sanatan Dharma and culture. In fact, the Congress leaders are not able to digest the arrival of record breaking pilgrims in all the four Dhams including Kedar Dham. Every pilgrim arriving here is very happy and satisfied with the excellent travel arrangements made by the Dhami government under the leadership of PM Modi and the gold plated decorations done in Kedarpuri. The opposition parties of the state are not able to digest this happiness and gratitude towards the people of Uttarakhand. This is the reason why people of communist ideology who call themselves atheists along with the opportunist Hindu party Congress are also making false allegations of religious insult. Joshi claimed that Baba Bholenath is not going to spare the Congress which is making false and unrestrained allegations on Baba Kedar’s abode. He had punished them in 2014 and 2019  and will surely punish them in 2024 as well.