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Cong promises not implemented in Rajasthan: Naresh Bansal


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 4 Feb: Rajya Sabha MP and senior BJP leader Naresh Bansal today claimed that Congress was making baseless allegations against the BJP Government even when its own false claims had been exposed. Addressing a press conference here, today, Bansal claimed that Congress leader and former Chief Minister Harish Rawat was getting nervous as his promise to open a Muslim University had become a matter of public knowledge and it had also been proven that his Government had indeed passed an order regarding Friday Holiday for Namaz for Muslims and, therefore, the Congress was now resorting to levelling fake allegations against the BJP. He said that Harish Rawat was the self declared CM face for the elections, as his party had not officially declared him as such. He had challenged the BJP to prove its charge regarding the Friday holiday and had said that he would retire from politics if it was done. Now that the order issued by his government had become viral, he was shying away from the facts and resorting to levelling baseless allegation that the BJP was trying to malign him wrongly. He said that it had become a matter of public knowledge that Congress leaders wore Uttarakhandi caps on their heads and kept skull caps in their pockets in order to appease the minorities. He alleged that Congress thrived on minority appeasement and now this had become a matter of public knowledge, making the Congress rather nervous.
Bansal alleged that, under the guise of Uttarakhandiyat, Congress had some hidden agenda of minority appeasement and now had resorted to intimidating and registering cases against those who were sharing memes of Congress leaders. BJP strongly criticised such undemocratic actions being taken by the Congress. BJP stood with those who brought out the truth.
He advised the Congress to read its latest manifesto carefully before advising the BJP to read its 2017 one. While BJP had fulfilled most promises made in the 2017 manifesto, Congress ought to explain how it was going to fulfil the promises it had made in its present manifesto. Bansal reminded the Congress that it had failed to implement its promises made in the states where it was the ruling party.
Responding to the allegations of the Congress, Bansal further said that the Congress was accusing the BJP government of scams without any facts and evidence whereas it was its own CM who was seen on the camera permitting his ministerial colleagues to plunder the state. He said that Congress accused BJP of illegal mining whereas it was plundering the natural resources during its own rule. Congress raised issues like inflation, corruption, unemployment and was making huge promises to tackle them whereas in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Maharashtra, it had failed to deal with these issues.
BJP State Vice President Jyoti Gairola, Party Spokesperson Suresh Joshi, BJP State Media In-charge Manveer Chauhan and Sanjeev Verma were present during the press briefing.