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Diplomatic Duplicity


It is ironic that the US Government, which is leaving no stone unturned to put former President Donald Trump behind bars, has expressed concern at Delhi CM Kejriwal’s arrest and the alleged ‘freezing’ of the Congress party’s bank account. Also, the concern is based on incorrect information and perceptions. The objection is about the BJP Government at the Centre allegedly targeting its opponents, when the actual fact is that Kejriwal is in custody on court orders. Also, the Congress bank account is not frozen and the action taken against it by the IT Department has been upheld by the courts. So, essentially, the US is questioning the integrity of the Indian Judiciary. The least the US Embassy could do is keep the folks at home properly informed about the situation.

It is interesting to note that the US has not felt so concerned about CMs going to jail in the past, from as long ago as Jayalalitha’s incarceration. This means Kejriwal has a special place in its affections, which perhaps has to do with his association with various ‘foundations’ that like to tell other nations how to exist. The ‘left-liberal’ eco-system that has infected the Democratic Party’s politics and world-view is pursuing an agenda quite out of sync with global realities.

It is quite obvious this disrespectful behaviour that fails to acknowledge the robust nature of Indian democracy stems from the refusal of the Indian Government to toe the US line on many global issues. It is a major failure of diplomacy caused by a deep lack of understanding about India. This is caused by an increasing culture of insularity in the US that manifests differently in the politics of, both, Biden and Trump. All the lessons of the past derived from when US interfered in calamitous manner across the globe have been forgotten. Instead of focusing on dangers closer to home, the US continues with its delusional policies.

India must counter this deprecatory narrative that manifests itself in numerous ways. Not a day passes when the most ridiculous claims are made about India – rankings by various ‘foundations’ and ‘trusts’ regarding poverty, happiness, freedom, et al, in which even nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan rank higher. This must be countered by setting up institutions, here, with grand names and affiliations to respected universities that churn out similar claims regarding race relations, various phobias and biases, neo-colonial policies, exploitation of poor nations for ‘slave’ labour, ill-treatment of minorities and immigrants, etc. Merely summoning embassy officials for a cup of tea will not suffice.