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By acharya balkrishna

Using slangs and brawing at others, consumption of liquor, cigarrate, coccaine, heroine etc, to have extra-marital affairs; are the basic reasons for social crime and destruction. These harm an individual,society and nation.
A man wastes his present in the contentions of the past and future. If we wish to enjoy the present moment, then we must be away from these contentions.
Be cautious to present your views with full awareness, as we may forget what we have said, but those who listen to it, remember our spoken words.
The world is home to both positive and negative thoughts, virtues and vices, happiness and sorrow; it solely depends on us what we aspire to receive and what not to receive.
Faith is the pillar that brings stability in family relationships.
The objective of education is not only to literate a person, but also help him in his character building.
It is not important how much material property we are giving to our children; rather what matters is the kind of saskµara (values) we are giving to them.
The quality of time spent with children matters more than the amount of time spent with them. If we aim to inculcate values them, then good hadits are to be formed in childhood itself.
Ups and downs, happiness and sorrows are part of life. We should always face these situations cheerfully.
Those who wish to keep their mental strength intact should never be affected by the criticisms of others.
When we laugh the world laughs with us, but when we are in grief, pain and discomfort, the world appears sad to us. So, laugh and cheerfulluy anknowledge the God’s grace. Happiness originates in the state of silence, suupti (deep sleep) and tranquility. God has created us for great actions, so live a life of enthusiasm, energy and self-confidence.
Our Ris have always given message – “Stand up! awake! don’t stop, till the goal is achieved.” It is better to remain silent, when others criticise or pass negative remarks on us. Those who are busy in the performance of their duties and stay away from finding faults in others get inner peace and tranquility. Remember that “those who live in doubts can’t enjoy the state of happiness.”
It is better to correct ourselves than to have the ego of reforming others. One who is capable of transforming himself, can only transform others and the world.
Everyone thinks of transforming others, but no one thinks to transform himself. We should realise the fact that the greatest victory is the victory on one’s own shortcomings.
It is better to work for virtues than to work for success.
People who speak tough words, but have good sentiments behind that action are far better than those who are soft spoken from outside, talk of great things, praise or act to pamper us with love, but are filled with foul sentiments from inside. Our Ris have given more priority to sentiments rather than action.
Sun never rises; nor it ever sets down. It is there, illuminating the entire world since time immemorial. It is busy in its prime duty of illumination. Those who see it regard it as rising or setting down. Sometimes, they call it morning and sometimes evening, but the sun is unaware and unmoved by these notion of the people. It is continuously moving in performance of its own duty of illumination caraiveti caraiveti. We should learn to march towards fulfilling our designated duties, persistantly with loyalty perseverance and devotion, unmoved by the notions of the society towards us.
We should always aim to make ourselves beneficial for others rather aim to make them happy.
What sort of duties should I perform? We should perform such duties that can show an ideal direction for the generations to come. The next question that arises. How should I do it? The answer is we should perform our duties in such a way so as to purify our mind.
Our idols and master-Maryd puroottam rirm, yogiwor rikna, Mahtm Buddha, Bhagvna Mahvva, Santa Kabr, Paigammber Mohammada, Jesus Christ, Nnaka, Mahari Patajali, Bharadvja, Kanda, jaimini and others have reached the pinnade in their chosen path and have advocated for Yoga-the only authentic and pragmatic way to reach the pinnacle.
The less we speak, the more we are heard.
It is not under our control to make everyone happy, but it is definitely under our control not to let anyone feel unhappy because of us.
It is alright to consider oneself wise, but one should not be a fool, by considering others as fools.
Love everyone, believe in a few and never do injustice to anyone.
We must always rightly estimate our present abilities and should never perform any stupid action under the influence of ego.

Role of diet in personality development

Always remember- “Life is not meant for food; rather food is meant for life.” Mahari Caraka once asked, “Who is said to be healthy?” Vgbhaa, a laurate, answered, “One who is hitabhuk (eating accourding to one’s prakiti), mitabhuk (taking correct proportion of diet) and tabhuk (consuming food obtained by rightful methods) is considered to be healthy.
We should have control over our mind. We should eat not just for taste, but also for health. One who does, becomes the beholder of extra-ordinary power and potentialities.
Anna (food) are categoried into three categories- Sttvika, Rjasika and Tmasika.
Sttvika food gives solace to the mind and brain. It is the best food among the three and it includes green leafy vegetables, cereals, pulses, milk, fruits, dry fruits, cheese, butter etc..
Food directly affects our mind. Sttvika food makes the mind pure, rjasika food brings fickleness to the mind, whereas tmasika food gives rise to infatuation, laziness and drowsiness.
Avoid taking food while in hurry, stress, bereavement, tiredness and should not discuss any problem while eating.
The pillars of sound health: hra (diet), nidr (sleep) and brahmacarya (celibacy) are to be practised in the best possible way.
Poisoned food gives rise to a number of diseases in the body. Likewise, polluted thought gives rise to depression, sorrows, disturbances and various other incurable diseases. So, we should be very attentive and cautious towards our diet and thoughts. Today, man is most ignorant of his food habits than anything else.
Those who prepare food only to be consumed by self, become partaker in sin, but those who accept the remaining food after performing yaja are saved from committing sin.
Yajaiinah santo mucyante sarvakilbiaih.
Bhujate te tvagham pp ye pacantytmkrat.
It has been stated above that this body is an abode of God. This is the sacred temple of the Almighty. Don’t make it a home to diseases by consuming alcohol, chewing tobbaco, taking drugs etc., and don’t let it become a cemetary by consuming meat etc..We should take stvika, balanced and natural diet timely by adopting the practices of ‘tabhuk’,‘mitabhuk’ and ‘hitabhuk’ to keep ourselves healthy because ‘Wellness is the birth right of every individual.’
Every creature of this universe has the innate right to live like us; we surely do not have the right to kill others aswell. Do we mercilessly kill these innocent creatures because they do not look like us? All these beautiful creatures have heart, brain, eyes and other organs quite similar to
us; they also feel the pain, still we mercilessly kill them under the influence of pettiness. Therefore, we should abandon non-vegetarianism and must advocate for the secuirity of these dumb creatures.

(Extracted from “Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation and Peaceful World”.)