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Haridwar’s daughter empowers dementia patients in US


By Our Staff Reporter

Haridwar, 23 Oct: Ishani Shankar, a high school student and violinist from Fishers, US, is empowering the science of music therapy for dementia patients. Having her roots in Haridwar, this granddaughter of a writer, Sheo Shankar Jaiswal, from Vishnu Garden, Ishani started the website ‘MyMusicalMemories” to help dementia patients by using music as a form of therapy. Ishani’s journey as a violinist began at the age of 6 and her passion for music took on a therapeutic role at a very young age. She has made significant contributions, having served as a neuroscience intern at the Stark Neuroscience Research Center, Indiana University, during the summer of 2022, and as an intern in the Neuroscience Business Unit at Eli Lilly and Company during summer season this year.

According to Ishani, “My work as an intern included studying diagnostics for Alzheimer’s drug testing and designing therapeutics to target a protein central to Alzheimer’s pathology. The website, MyMusicalMemories.org, serves as a platform dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals grappling with dementia. It also presents a collection of interactive games to enhance one’s cognitive function.”

Her father Dr Neelabh Shankar, who is Vice President of one of the topmost pharmaceutical companies of the world, said that driven by the Indian ethos, “Sarv bhuthitey ratah”, meaning to give back to society and doing welfare for all, Ishani has been dedicated to the noble cause from school times.